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Mar 17, 2008 02:24 PM

Reasonable Price with Ocean view or nice evening outdoor dining?


I am a UCLA 2005 grad who somehow got stuck in Chicago for grad school...and will be coming back to visit some old friends.

I miss the views of the Pacific...Any suggestions for a reasonably-priced dinner place that has a view? Or a place that has nice outdoor patio for the evening? In Santa Monica, Venice, or elsewhere along west LA? I don't know if any such places exist, but I thought if anyone knows, it would be this board!

I liked some of the suggested restaurants like Ocean and Vine, I just didn't like the price. Something like Violet or a little more expensive would be more in the right price range. Anything that's similar but with a nice view? Or am I reaching for the stars?

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. You want good, inexpensive, food with an ocean view? That's a tough one. I don't think it exists. The ocean front restaurants, that do exist, have marginal food and high prices. Moonshadows is probably the best on the coast, or The Lobster. Catch is my favorite, but there's no outdoor seating. Penthouse at The Huntley Hotel has one of the best views in Santa Monica, also no outdoor patio. All are in the $50/person range.

    There's nothing in Venice except maybe The Whaler, and that's about as divey as you can get.

    Anything in West LA wouldn't have an ocean view.

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      Inexpensive might be a about like $20 an entree?

      Thanks for the suggestions!

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        Moonshadows would fit that, probably, but more like $25 an entree. Or the Charthouse (a chain).

    2. Kincaid's on Redondo Beach not mind blowing or anything but solid steakhouse type fare....prices pretty reasonable for the location.

      1. If you forego the ocean view & are ok w/ an attractive patio & reasonable food, a couple of thoughts are: Lula's (solid Mexican, pretty patio in Santa Monica & unlike anything you'd get in Chicago)
        Lily's in Venice (haven't been in a couple of years, but also a nice patio).
        Also, Ocean Ave. Seafood is expensive for dinner, but has great deals on oysters & drinks for happy hour. It's across the street from the ocean in Santa Monica.

        1. One more thought--Back on the Beach in Santa Monica is literally on the beach; you can have an early dinner there and be there for sunset w/ your feet in the sand. Food's ok; nothing memorable, but perfectly fine & the setting's so beautiful that it doesn't really matter. Very casual, beach cafe, reasonably priced.

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            Back on the Beach is closed, and has been for some time, during the Annenberg Beach Club construction. I believe it will reopen sometime this year.

          2. Canshman ... I think we crossed paths. I moved from Wheaton, IL in April 2005 and came here, to LA!

            Last 4th of July I took my guy to a fabulous dinner at the Blue Water Grill on Redondo Beach. Their huge plate glass windows offered spectacular views. They have outdoor dining as well. The food was outstanding and the bar is very chic. The prices are reasonable. The servive was great.

            In February, he took me to the Parker's Lighthouse. But that is a bit further south in Long Beach. It was good (not as good as Blue Water Grill) but offered lovely views in a New England setting. The bar on the third floor was a nice place to hang while we waited for a table.

            I have not tried the Chart House in Redondo, yet but have been to their location on Long Boat Key in Florida and it was very good. In fact, my parents who live in Venice, FL (just south of Sarasota, are regulars there.

            I DO NOT recommend The Lobster. For what they charged, the food was mediocre as was the service.

            Moonshadows has a fantastic reputation although it can be difficult to get into on the weekends. The views there are quite lovely.

            Bluewater Grill
            665 N Harbor Dr, Redondo Beach, CA 90277