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Mar 17, 2008 01:49 PM

Gelato in south/central NJ

Hello, looking to have some gelato at my wedding and want to find something local. Any suggestions for favorites. The wedding is in Toms River NJ so about an hour or so from there. Thanks!

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  1. try posting on the mid-atlantic board...lots more stuff on tom's river there...

    BTW: Irvington is home to Ciao Bella Gelataria's factory...though it's a drive you might get some great stuff.

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    1. re: sixelagogo

      Oh really? I did not know what. Thanks I'll give them a call!

      1. re: jroxybabe19

        Not sure if there is a Ciao Bella in Westchester, but the pints (only certain flavors) are sold at D'Agostino's. I 'was' looking for La Cremalliere's pints, but they are nowhere to be found.

        Got a selection for New Year's eve, and they are some pretty good stuff. Painfully expensive, but for a special occasion, they outdo H/D.