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Mar 17, 2008 01:48 PM

Taiwanese Food Hop in SGV

hi, i'm really missing the night markets in Taiwan. and i'd like to do a food hop one weekend when i get the chance. what snack foods do you recommend at the following places... love stinky tofu, sausages, pork blood cubes, soup noodles, oyster pancakes/omelettes.

Old Country Cafe in Alhambra
Mama's Kitchen in San Gabriel
QQ in Temple City
Won Won's Kitchen in Temple City
Ay Chung in San Gabriel
Sin Ba La in Arcadia
Pa Pa Walk
Ding's Garden
The Indian
Lee's Garden

I'm not familiar with Rowland Heights, but I know i've been to this one taiwanese restaurant. think it's called Q-something? not in the HK Plaza. recs in Rowland Heights/Hacienda would be great as well.


Night market photos from Taiwan...

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  1. Here's my prior report on Pa Pa Walk.

    You should also check out 85 Degrees Celsius.

    1. Wonderful pictures. Which joint serves the best five spice chicken roll in LA? The ones I've tried, the meat inside tended to be dredged with too much flour. Which one would have grilled chicken "tail?" It's my favorite part of the chicken and I haven't seen it on the menu of the joints I've tried.

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        The best chicken rolls I've had were at Nice Time Deli (i don't think they were five spiced though). I've had chicken rolls at Ay Chung Noodle but those were just terrible. To the OP, you can get everything you listed except for the stinky tofu at Sinbala. Definately try the sausages there and the oyster pancake. May's Cafe near Arcadia High was the place my parents went for stinky tofu. I can't vouch for it since the stench still scares me. :P

      2. I love the Taiwanese night markets as well :)

        in Rowland Heights there's this little restaurant and it's the cutest thing in the world called Class 302. they sell (IMO) one of the best night market foods in the area...the decor is like a primary school classroom back in Taiwan so the tables are like the desks from the schools and some of their box items come in those tin Taiwanese lunch boxes. kind of gives you a nostalgic feeling for the old days~
        I don't know if you know what mi fen tang is? sorry but I don't really know a lot of the English translations to the food..but if you've been to Taiwan you might've gone to the Miao Kou in Keelung (just one big street of food vendors)..and they have this mi fen tang that i just absolutely love. Class 302 is the closest I can get to it. All their meals are really good...pork chop rice..the noodles the soup. and I love their BBQ fish cakes and BBQ stinky tofu. really really good. I've heard that their shaved ice is great too but I haven't tried it yet. So basically try everything on their menu :] If you're ever in the area I highly recommend this place!

        Class 302 (三年2班)
        1015 S. Nogales St. #125
        Rowland Heights, CA

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        1. re: beautifuldiirt

          Class 302 sounds interesting. Will try it next time I'm in the area.

        2. Hey EDBM,

          Nice list. From the list above, I'd say you have to try the homemade Steamed Stinky Tofu at Mama's Kitchen. It is the most pungent (hardcore) Stinky Tofu I've had in the U.S.! Definitely an eye-opener. (O_o)

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          1. re: exilekiss

            i've been wanting to try the steamed stinky tofu. i'd love to have the really dark fried tofu as well... super fermented kind. thanks exileK.

            1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

              Np. :)

              FYI: Mama's Kitchen also has a Deep Fried version, but we never recovered to go back and brave how the Deep Fried version would taste. :P But the owner said that their Steamed version was the most pungent. :)

            Rowland Heights

            Best food in RH

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            1. re: nn91604

              in Western SGV, Uncle Chen's highly touted on Yelp and the pix by 50meals looks pretty darn good:

              Not sure which Ding's Garden you're visiting, but IIRC, neither are actually Taiwanese owned/operated.

              In Rowland Heights/Hacienda you have, beyond Class 302,
              Plaza Deli
              Simbala (same as Sin Ba La
              Q Noodle
              Four Seas (breakfast/lunch only but one the best examples of TW breakfast anywhere in LA IMO)

              to shut down the night, you can finish off w/ some major Taiwanese KTV action at Islanders (next to Hawaii Theater Strip Club / Jurassic )

              And Earthen isn't Taiwanese owned/operated either.

              1. re: TonyC

                Thanks TonyC. that food at Uncle Chen's looks great.

                1. re: eatdrinknbmerry

                  So have you gone to Uncle Chen's Eatdrinknbemerry? Any reviews??

                  1. re: Beignets

                    i haven't had the time yet. For sure it is on my laundry list of places to eat. I would probably do the places in SGV before venturing out towards The Heights area b/c i'm in SGV every weekend.

              2. re: nn91604

                Mmm.. I love Earthen, but I wouldn't consider their food Taiwanese.