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Normandy Farms- Jim Coleman's Place?

Does anyone have any opinion on this place?

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  1. We have been to brunch there several times. The service was not so great, but the selection of food was very nice. Good friends who have eaten dinner there, say "Eh"

    1. We have not eaten there in over a year (which in itself says something as we live close by). We've had dinner there three times and while we had nice meals they were nothing exceptional and were expensive. Jim tries to use local foods and let their flavors speak for themselves, but the end result is that the food is somewhat bland and underseasoned. Things may have changed since we were last there.

      1. We have been there not to long ago and agree, the food is bland but the dining room is quiet and you can always get in, we live close by too. I would say we have eaten there 5 times and lunch is best. The lobster corn soup was really good and the salmon BLT. I probably will not go back anytime soon because it is just " EH!"

        1. I've always thought that Jim is far more a personality than a culinary talent. Great guy, no doubt.Friendly, hospitable and welcoming. But, I never thought that the recipes on his TV show were that imaginative or satisfying. As for the Normandy restaurant, bland is the word. He's trying to make local fare with a gourmet flair. What you get is haut cuisine embellishments on Penna. Dutch comfort food. Curious and difficult to explain. As for value, there is far better elsewhere. I've been twice and came away with the same impression, so I guess that's it for me.

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            I totally agree Chef. He seems like a really nice guy but he never impressed me on TV either. I don't think I've ever heard a good review of the place on this or any other board. When you think about it though, what he does is perfect for the wealthy "Blue-haired" William Penn Inn crowd who live in that area. Also, I'm glad it saved the beautiful farm from yet more houses.

          2. I have been there twice. Once as a romantic dinner with my husband and then again to celebrate Mothers Day with our family including my 85 year old grandmother. The dinner for two was very nice, best salmon I ever had, but we didn't like the a la carte nature to the menu. By the time dinner was done our bill was outrageous.

            The Mothers Day dinner was embarrassing. They were overbooked and short staffed. Our services was so slow. Desserts were only offered as a buffet. The dessert buffet was embarrassing. The selection was so sparce (big empty platters between the occasional mini eclair). I chose the restaurant for this family evening and I regreted my choice.

            However, I think we should keep trying Coleman because I think Jim Coleman and what he's done with Normandy Farms adds something special to our area. He just needs to tighten up on his quality, find some new flavors and get friendlier staff.

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              All of the above may be the case, but my niece had her wedding and reception there recently, and it was first rate. Everything from the planning to the night's stay was wonderful! Not cheap, but weddings never are.

            2. We tried and tried and tried again, and it's just bad. Of all the offerings, lunch is probably the best. But don't even consider it for dinner, let alone one of their 'Events', just awful!

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                We almost considered going to one of the event dinners this past summer. I am glad we did not make it!

              2. Speaking of Jim Coleman, I saw him on PBS last night and almost didn't recognize him. He has lost a ton of weight, but he almost looks sickly.

                As for Normandy Farms, I've been twice and was underwhelmed by the food and service (very bland being nice), especially for the prices that were on the menu.

                1. Just last night my husband and I had an extremely nice dinner there and walked right upstairs to sleep in the hotel it was very convenient. The food was exquisite, there is an exceptional amount of entrees to try.The fillet was out of this world, along with the chilean fea bass. Our server Greg was fantastic and we definitely plan on returning soon.

                  1. We had a celebratory dinner for two there last night and the experience was extremely disappointing. While there were servers all over the place we seemed to get limited service.

                    A shared appetizer of beef and goat tortellini was presented, after a lengthy wait, by a gentlemen who appeared to be a manager. The dish clearly sat under the warmer too long as it was luke warm and contained two pieces of unformed pasta and beef blobs ($13) swimming in so much mushroom gravy that they fell apart on the utensil.

                    The salads were served finally 55 minutes after we were seated. There was no table service during this wait. The need for a 2nd round of drinks after nearly an hour had to be brought to the server's attention.

                    I ordered the filet mignon. This again was a victim of the heat lamp as the topping dollop of butter was melted by the time it was served. The beef was admittedly very tasty but I usually prefer to lose that extra slab of butter.

                    That strangest offering the accompanying potato au grautin that was so under cooked it crunched. Wow! Okay, let's skip the dessert and coffee and get me out of here only $150 lighter.

                    A return visit will not occur as there are just too many decent nearby establishments that aren't slowly serving expensive, mediocre food and coasting on a celebrity name.

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                      Has anyone done any of the "cooking school" types of things at Normandy Farm? DInner, with a demostration? I saw some stuff last summer on the website that intrigued me, but never followed through.

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                        I have thought about doing one of the dinners. I wonder if the experience would be more positive that the dining room experience. I still may consider it. I love cooking classes.

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                        Reading your post is giving me deja vu. *shudders*