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Mar 17, 2008 01:40 PM

Turnip. WTF do I do with this thing?

Once or twice or several times a year I start getting all riled up and seek out new vegetables/greens/roots and I just decided to give turnips a chance.

The only problem now is how I make them taste worth while and not like Soviet-era gulag fare?

Sure there's the "treat them like potatoes" route but I'm looking for something new. If I want potatoes I'll have them.

What tricks do you guys have? Are there any particularly interesting & flavourful recipes out there?

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  1. i have a turnip lurking in my fridge drawer. i can't stand them cooked or at least how ive eaten them cooked in the past. so i am going to try and cut them up raw with a hummus or like dip, as that was recommended to me.

      1. How about pink turnip pickles. A Middle Eastern favorite.

        2 lbs of turnips peeled and cut into slices. You can do sticks, wedges or rounds what ever you like.
        1 beet peeled and cut into same shape as turnips
        3 1/2 cups water
        1/2 cup vinegar
        2 Tbs salt
        3/4 tsp sugar

        Put turnips and beets into a jar. Mix brine until salt and sugar dissolve and pour over vegetables. Let stand for a week or so then refridgerate.

          1. just do 'em up with the rest of your roasted veggies-- particularly good with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, tossed in evoo, sea salt and thyme, or alternately cumin & chili, or your favorite spice mixture, or put them under a roasting chicken.