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Mar 17, 2008 01:20 PM

Kosher Turducken

Anyone know where to get a kosher one?

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      1. re: JS69

        wow - you can get everything kosher now!

        1. re: JS69

          I bought one from Aaronsgourmet a couple of years ago and eeither I didn't cook it right or just didn't like it but I wasn't impressed with it. I would like to hear from others who have tried one from there.

        2. Wow- I'm so glad to find this post- my husband has been bothering me for the longest time for a turducken, he wants this for his 40th birthday which is more than a year away- I've been thinking about the logistics of making it for a while- it will be such a cou for me to order one! Had no idea this was even possible- kosher- thanks for the post. I could even get one for passover!

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            I made my own turducken a couple of years ago. Between deboning the birds, making the different stuffings, and assembly, the prep time was several hours. Deboning the birds was a little tricky but if you can cut a chicken into 8ths then you can handle the deboning. (One tip: do the chicken first, so that if you mangle it a little nobody will notice.) The assembly was generally easy until the last step: sewing up the turkey with everything inside. I recommend having a second pair of hands for this step.

            I used the Prudhomme recipe, with a few variations for kashrus.

            This guide recommends the best turkey-related Web sites (scroll down a bit for turducken sites, including a deboning tutorial):

          2. Just a word of warning: the kosher certification on Aaron's Gourmet is not universally reliable.

            1. If you live in the NYC area, Park East Butcher Store will make it for you upon request