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Scaramouche --portion size

I'm considering Scarmamouche for a romantic 60th birthday celebration for 2 .

I've read many favourable reviews regarding the restaurant, but as I only splurge on a very special occasion I have not been to this restaurant in the past.

Can someone give me some idea of the portion size so I'm not surprised, or disappointed before making a reservation. Is there a bread basket offered?

Also, which is the best table?

I read somewhere table 8 was the best table with a view. Can anyone confirm this??

Thank you

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  1. I'm not trying to be rude here, but if you are concerned with portion sizing then perhaps a place like Scaramouche isn't really for you.

    The portion size is consistent with other high end restaurants where they are expecting you to order an appetizer or salad, a main and possibly a dessert and not just fill up on your main course.

    I don't specifically recall a bread basket but I would assume that they do serve one.

    1. I can't speak to the inquiry about the table, but I can confirm that there is indeed a bread basket, with a lovely housemade walnut bread and other assorted breads sourced from Fred's bread.

      The portion size, IMHO, is actually larger than most similarly priced restaurants I've eaten at in Toronto - I left 100% satisfied. You can search this board for my review.

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        I agree, especially the coconut cream pie dessert, it is hugh. It is a very good dessert by the way.

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          Just my 2 cents, before I went there, I read so much about this coconut cream pie, and I kept thinking "what can be so good about a coconut pie". When I took my first bite of the filling I was shocked - at how pedestrian it was. Then I discovered you have to have the crust, filling, topping and chocolate drizzle all in the same bite, which makes for a good combination. However it is not something I would order again there.

      2. Had dinner on Friday at Scaramouche...wanted to get in for a dinner before they re-locate..I checked the Menus on their web and decided The Pasta Bar & Grill's Menu was more what I was looking for...have also eaten many times in The Restaurant...We called 3 weeks before and did get the best window seat (don't know the #)...great basket of wonderful breads...but too tempting as portions are large...I had the soup of the day and beef ravioli which were stellar...but was unable to finish the ravioli...my partner whose friends tease he has a hollow leg and a great appetite had grilled calamari and then steak frites both were superb...he couldn't finish his frites as we had to save room for the coconut cream pie....a delightful memorable last dinner there....Miranda

        1. There is indeed very good bread, with both butter and a hummusy spread (at the Pasta Bar anyway, I can't recall if the spread is in the main area as well) and the portions are satisfying. I think this would be a great place for you to enjoy a splurge celebration.

          And I don't think it is moving until the end of 2009 (unless someone has been told otherwise?), so we all have some time yet to enjoy the view.

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            Hi Lonestartor, if you truly want a memorable splurge, Scaramouche is the place to go. The portions are of good size and you will be offered a great selection of breads. I can't recall which table # has the best view BUT the staff is extremely helpful. When you call just explain to them that it is a special occasion and you want the best table available. They will go out of their way to please you. In fact, most of the tables have a great view of the city scape. I celebrated my 50th there and they presented me with a beautifully decorated desert plate. Please write back and let us know how it went. Cheers

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              I agree; I'm often disappointed by high end restaurants but Scaramouche has never disappointed me in the quality of food in the main dining area and with reasonable portion sizes and very good service. I personally was very unimpressed with the pasta bar side of the place It's less pricey but to me there is much better pasta is available in Toronto and the ambiance wasn't good enough to make me not think of that better pasta elsewhere.

              1. re: Ediblethoughts

                I don't really think the pasta bar's specialty is 'pasta' per se, I think it is just a moniker. I think the Pasta Bar just focuses on less classically fussy dishes. A bit more "casual" dining. Less game, and such.

                That said, I think their pastas are sublime.

          2. Thanks so much for the many helpful replies

            1. I’ve actually found their portion sizes a bit too big! That would be my one and only complaint with Scaramouche, which I think has long been one of the city’s best restaurants. Possibly the best. Or at least my favourite.

              Their portion sizes are quite generous, which is great if you love eating a lot. But if you want to experience a 3-4 course meal, the sometimes generous portion sizes can leave you feeling pretty darn full by the end of the meal. It doesn’t help that their bread and butter are to die for and I eat well more than I should of that.

              In any case, it’s a small but pleasant enough gripe. Don’t worry about portion size there. At least in the Pasta Bar. The main restaurant might be different, I don’t know. I’ve only been in that section a handful of times over the years and can’t recall those portion sizes all too well.

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                I have yet to try it myself but apparently the calamari at The Pasta Bar is one of the best in the city.

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                  I've been dining there for 30 years. Get a good table (with a view) and you almost can't go wrong. I'm surprised that they mainatin such consistency. But they do and it's always a safe bet for one of the best this city has to offer.

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                    I went to Scaramouche May 6 to celebrate a 60th birthday, and everything was perfect.
                    The bread is a meal in itself...pecan bread was a definite highlight.
                    Our Kir scaramouches were delicious.
                    I had the scallop appetizer and the poached halibut. My partner had the poached asparagus, and the lamb.
                    The food was amazing, flavourful and fresh, and the glass of wine we had to match each course was perfect.
                    The restaurant well exceeded my expectations. The happy birthday plate along with the coconut cream pie was another highlight.

                    From introductions from the reception, the welcome and service of the waiter, the graciousness of the sommelier. It all was memorable.
                    Oh, I forgot we had a centrally located window table...Perfect!!!

                    It was an incredible evening.
                    Thank you Scaramouche.

                    1. re: lonestartor

                      Great to hear. The sommelier was in all likelihood Ian Clarke, great guy!
                      Thanks for the follow up. I'm happy for you that it was a perfect night.

                      1. re: millygirl

                        yes, Ian Clarke was the sommelier. He was very helpful and not at all pretentious.

                      2. re: lonestartor

                        Sounds like you had a lovely evening!

                        1. re: lonestartor

                          Great to hear that you had a fabulous night out. I can't wait until I have the opportunity to go to Scaramouche again.

                          1. re: Yum2MyTum

                            Good to know that your experiences have been good :D I came to Chowhound before my visit as well, and that set a pretty high expectation for my restaurant visit.

                            After my visit, I'm happy to say my experience @ Scaramouche was excellent! Plus I tried the Coconut Cream Pie! OMG... .so good.

                            Took some pictures and wrote briefly about the visit. It'll also give you a sense of the portion size. I'd say the portion size was good for me. (Not a BIG BIG eater)

                            Here's the link to my visit:

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                              Hey carbonxiv, I was there same night. We decided this time to try the other side, the Pasta Bar and loved it. Somewhat more casual feel and price is a little lower. My hubby had the steak frite which he loved and I had the fish and seafood boulabaisse which was very good also. We love Scaramouche but the 'other side' is just as nice. It's got a really nice energy to it. And we finally got to try the calamari which really was excellent. Good portion and perfectly done, tender. Loooved the aioli that went along side. Another perfect evening at Scaramouche, whichever side of the fence you're on!!!

                  2. They have the smallest portions I've ever seen seen. It's an utter rip off.

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                      I love scaramouche. It is truely a specail toronto institution and for good reason. Their portions size are better then avergae at that price point. If you ar elooking for somethign a bit more casual with larger protion size then go to the Scaramouche pasta bar, which is also a treat.

                      Sure neither of these are cheap, but there is something spoecial about the atmposhphere at scaramouche. The food and service is also always great.
                      If you want to sit near the window at the pasta bar ask to sit at table 8 when making reservations. It is a table for 4 with an amayzing view.

                      1. re: chefsearch

                        Totally agree Chef on your comment about the atmosphere being special. Can't explain it other than to say, each time I walk in, I just know I'm somewhere special. The stafff are so nice, professional and polished without any airs or attitude. I've always considered the portions to be ample in both the grill and the restaurant.