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Mar 17, 2008 01:06 PM

Good outside dining in Manhattan?

Coming to New York soon for a girls' weekend and need a place to get great food outdoors so smoking friends can smoke. Good wine list is a must, and small plates to share is a big plus. Thanks in advance for recommendations!

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  1. To my knowledge, even restaurants with outdoor seating ban smoking in Manhattan.

    1. i think will4food is correct. they will have to stand on the other side of the fence/wall area that seperates the restaurant from sidewalk.

      do you have an area of the city you want to be in?

      1. Your friends are going to have a hard time finding places to smoke in Manhattan. Many outdoor areas are non smoking as well.

        1. Bottega del Vino has some tables outside (not the loveliest block), great Italian wines, not sure if they offer their full menu outside - but the abbreviated menu has great salads and panini. Sitting outside there is probably better at lunch than dinner. Places that cater to Europeans will be your best bet - think Bilbouquet, Charlot, Goulud, etc. Also places in Soho w/ outdoor seating.

          1. If a restaurants outdoor seating area is large enough, a certian percentage of the seats can be designated as smoking.


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              I learn something everytime I visit Chowhound :-) Here in Boston even if the restaurant only has one outside table, you can smoke at it. thanks for all the help!

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                You might try calling La Fenice (68th & Broadway) that has a popular outdoor seating area but it wouldn't surprise me if they also said "no smoking."
                However, it's worth a try because you can see the world go by. Such fun!