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Mar 17, 2008 12:42 PM

Best use for "blah" dried figs?

Hi all. I'm a fan of the sweet, flavorful, chewy dried figs I've been getting at Sahadi's in Brooklyn, and thought I'd save some money by getting the cheaper dried mission figs at Trader Joe's. This was a mistake since they're relatively flavorless and lack the sweet fig punch most recipes make good use of.

So, I ask: what recipes will make these worth eating? I'm leaning towards a baked item of some sort, but with lemon, or cinnamon, or somesuch to make these worth it.

I've seen savory recipes for roast pork and such but I dont' cook a lot of meat, so if you have a good savory dish that's vegetarian, I'm all ears.

Or, honestly, should I just toss them? Thank you.

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  1. jfood has no iea whether this would work but he tatsed a great dish with figs the other night if you could reconstitute. It was a soanish tapas place and he ordered some chirozo with figs in a balsamic sauce. It was outstanding.

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      That actually sounds delicious. I looked up a few recipes with figs and chorizo, and I could probably improvise based on that and your balsamic suggestion. I'm not a big cooker of meat, so I'm not sure I could do it justice, but it'll be on the list. Thanks!

    2. I've made the attached recipe for a Pesto, Fig and Mascarpone Torte with dried figs (that have been reconstituted) and it worked out well. Since the recipe also calls for fig preserves, any lack in flavor in your dried figs will be less noticeable.

      1. Cut a little slit - fill with gorgonzola dolce - refigerate, then bake at 400 as is or wrap with prosciutto - drizzle with balsamic glaze - very yummy

        1. This is a killer dessert--figs and dried cherries poached in vanilla-honey syrup with pistachios. Not sure if using mission figs will change it much. I have been eating with greek yogurt. Don't forget the nuts. It's so so so so good.

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            Thank you, thank you, thank you....that sounds like I died and went to heaven. Even if it has nuts! You may have changed my life. Thank you - or did I say that already???

          2. These all sound like they can make my figs actually fantastic. Thanks, all! I think I'm going to try to bake half with goat cheese and use the other half to make the dried cherry-fig compote.

            I'm now actually excited to cook these. Thanks, again. :)

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              We love the figs from TJ-s, and my favorite use for them is balsamic fig relish...So good.

              Dried figs chopped, in a pan juice up with balsamic vinegar (not enough to cover- enough to wet) smashed/chopped garlic- cook. Add thyme and red onion and cook a little more, healthy swig of O/O, salt and pepper, maybe a little red onion. Roasted chopped walnuts. YUM.

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                yow! how do you use it other than on crackers?