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Mar 17, 2008 12:23 PM

Miller's Provisions, Stratford, CT

All right fellow chowhounder's, here's my dilema. We used to alweays buy our big cuts of meats from Miller's in Stratford and the used to have a house seasoning they applied to it which was delicous. Now, since they've closed, I have no idea what the seasoning was and I was wondering if anyone had any inside information on what was in it?

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  1. John Wonder is a friend, I'll ask him and post when I get a reply.

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    1. OH MY GOD. I've been so missing Miller's Seasoned and Rolled Pork Roast. It was to-die-for. When they first closed, someone had told me that they would still do an occasional special order, but I never was able to connect. I remember talking to a lovely woman on the phone who said they still did some wholesale work but that was years ago now. This would be so incredibly awesome to get the recipe. It was very paprika-y. And where do you get that beautiful butterflied and rolled cut of pork with the fat through it--none of this lean dried out pork?? My mouth waters for their stuff. It was a very sad day when they closed. I still have not recovered.

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        They also made an excellent frankfurter. It was served at Super Duper Weenie and the Windmill. I live in New Jersey but have travelled to Connecticut for hot dogs. After Miller's closed, Gary of Super Duper Weenie got the recipe and had the dogs made elsewhere. That place stopped making them and now SDW uses Hummels. Good, but I preferred the frank from Miller's.

        1. re: hotdoglover

          Yes, I remember asking someone that worked at SDW about where they got their hot dogs now that Miller's was no longer around. The guy told me the name of the place but I can't remember it. I'm pretty sure they're located in either New Britain or Torrington. I was even able to look them up online and check out the other types of meats and sausages they made. I wonder if they're still in business.

          1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

            I've heard that Super Duper Weenie uses Hummel's franks like countless other places. I know that Martin Rosol's is located in New Britain.

            1. re: hotdoglover

              I've heard the same thing so you may be correct. Supposedly, when Miller Provisions went out of business, SDW got them to give their recipe for dogs to an upstate sausage maker whose name I still can't recall. For whatever reason, they eventually stopped providing SDW with the dogs made from the Miller recipe. Who knows, maybe SDW wasn't buying enough to make it worth their while. In turn, SDW has seen fit to use Hummels. That in and of itself is not a bad thing but, imo, while Hummel makes a perfectly good hot dog, they just do not have the spice and plumpness that Miller's did. I think the product, while still quite good, has suffered because of it.

          2. re: hotdoglover

            Yes, they were great; Also, I loved Roesslers until they stopped making them too--I used to get them from a small market in West Haven. Such a tragedy for the beloved hot dog.

          3. re: cheereeo

            I've been trying to find a similar seasoned pork roast and can't do it. First, I believe it was a pork butt even though everybody called it a roast. I can't remember if they used a wet and a dry rub or just a dry ... anybody know ?? We need to get to the bottom of this !! It was GOOD !!

          4. Just wondering if there was any update?

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            1. re: mkoso

              I finally got John's new number and I'm waiting to hear from him.
              I'll post the results in the next day or 2.

              1. re: chefstu

                Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!

                1. re: mkoso

                  I talked to John today and alas the Miller's Roast Rub is a family secret.
                  But, I suggested that he produce some and sell it online and he seems to be agreeable to that. He is checking into it and I will keep you posted.

                  1. re: chefstu

                    This is something I've never understood. What's the point of "secret recipes" family or otherwise? I can understand it if the recipe is part of a viable and ongoing business but Miller's is defunct and no longer operating. What purpose does it serve to keep the recipe within the confines of a family where it benefits nobody beyond a small circle. of course, if your friend John does indeed decide, after all these years, to sell the rub online that's another story entirely.

                    1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

                      Believe it or not recipes in the Butcher and Sausage business are quite valuable and very secret. Imagine what would if another company made hot dogs with the Oscar Mayer or Ballpark recipe and sold them cheaper.
                      Also, Miller's may be defunct now, but what about in the future? John could start a new shop with his recipes any time he wanted and have a built in clientele because of those recipes.

                      1. re: chefstu

                        I understand but I did think that because the business had been closed a few years and it didn't seem like there were any signs of a revival he would be willing to share this "secret". I thank-you again for you efforts in trying to acquire this for us.

                        1. re: chefstu

                          Some chefs will share a variation of a secret recipe, giving folks a similare if not exact experience. If that were not the case, there would be no recipes in Gourmet (RIP) Fine Cooking, Etc.

                          A good chef is usually willing to share knowledge, technique and skill. Viable trade secrets are one thing, but sharing a reasonable fascimile is good business too.

                2. The original comment has been removed