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Mar 17, 2008 12:21 PM

Restaurant ideas for Boyfriends B-Day

I am hoping that some of the men out there can help me. I am taking my guy to a broadway show for his b-day and would like to go to a great restaurant prior to the show. He's a fan of a variety of different cuisines and loves a good steak. I would like to go to a place that is romantic and man friendly, and plan to spend between $50-$75 per person.

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  1. In the theater district, you might try Marseilles, Vice Versa for Italian, DB Bistro Modern or Molyvos.

    1. For steak you could look at the Palm and Gallaghers (the latter is a throwback to another era as is its clientele). Also consider Insieme for "new Italian."

      The restaurants that W4F suggested are good choices as well.

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        I think Insieme is probably above the price range and anways, perhaps not "man friendly."

      2. We love bd Bistro, but you also may want to make your decision based on where the theatre is. Palm is very good for steak, but depending on whether you have a drink or wine, could be more than you have budgeted. It will certainly be more than $50. The pre-theatre dinner at db Bistro is $45, if I remember correctly.

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          I just went to db Bistro Moderne last Friday night, before theater. While they do have the prix fixe pre-theater menu, if you go a la carte, and get a bottle or two or wine, dessert, maybe a glass of champagne or two, you can easily run the tab over three hundred, plus tip. I know this because I did so, and it was remarkably easy, and yet great fun, too. Someday I will have to try the cheaper offerings, but I was in town for a no-expense-barred anniversry weekend, and it was entirely fitting to run up the tab that high at that time. If it were an ordinary night out, I would probably be much more price-conscious.

        2. Thanks for the responses everyone. He has now told me he wants to go to a Churascaria so I will probably take him to C Plataforma as it is in the theater district. I am going to check out the Porcao site as well.