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Mar 17, 2008 12:16 PM

APRIL 2008 Cookbook of the Month - Suggestions Gladly Accepted

It's now past halfway through March and I thought we should start contemplating the next month's book.

Last month there were several books that were mentioned more than once. Some, like Batali, the Flexitarian Cookbook, Supernatural Cooking and Jamie Oliver's books got a number of votes and I am, therefore, putting up for consideration again. Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way by Lorna Sass also got some votes. A couple of votes also for Dean and DeLuca.

I'd also like to re-suggest Breakfast, Lunch and Tea from The Rose Bakery by Rose Carranini as I have made many of her recipes - all very successful.

Let's have some feedback here for April's book! I think that we'll have until the middle of next week (March 27th) until the next culling.

It seems to me that so far, Dunlop has been a great success and there has been a ton of really interesting discussion. The tips and stories about ingredient searches (and substitutions) alone have made it worthwhile!

POSSIBLY OVERDOING IT SUGGESTION: What about a Cookbook of the Month thread for dessert/baking? It could be posted along with the main COTM , but have its own separate thread. It wouldn't even have to appear every month. I would be glad to take this on as well, as the job isn't THAT onerous. Don't tell anybody that it's really a great pleasure.

Let me know what you think of this idea. It came to me because a book concentrating solely on dessert seems out of place outside of holiday season, but it's also great to see what people think about various desserts at other times of the year. I have been loving Pure Dessert's experimentation with unusual flours and sugars.

AS BEFORE....ALL VOTES FOR ANY BOOK MUST BE IN CAPS TO BE COUNTED. Just too difficult for poor old, broken-down COTM Mistress to sift through if they're not easy to see.

Best, Oakjoan

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  1. For reference, here's a listing of Cookbook of the Month selections and links to the respective master threads from inception:

    Sept - Marcella Hazan, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

    Oct - Molly Stevens, All About Braising

    Nov - Rick Bayless, One Plate at a Time

    Dec - Dorie Greenspan, Baking from My Home to Yours


    Jan - Judy Rodgers, Zuni Cafe Cookbook

    Feb - Jeffrey Alford & Naomi Duguid, Hot Sour Salty Sweet

    March - Leite's Culinaria

    April - Claudia Roden, Arabesque

    May - Suzanne Goin, Sunday Suppers at Lucques

    June - Edna Lewis, Country Cooking

    July - Nigella Lawson, Forever Summer

    August - Chris Schlesinger & John Willoughby

    Sept – Patricia Wells, Vegetable Harvest

    Oct – Julia Child

    Nov – Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins, The Silver Palate Cookbook

    Dec. – Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook AND Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeuvres Handbook


    Jan – Paula Wolfert, The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen

    Feb – Frank Stitt’s Southern Table

    Mar - Fuchsia Dunlop, Revolutionary Cinese Cookbook and Land of Plenty

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    1. re: JoanN

      I currently have the Mario Batali book MOLTO ITALIANO from the library, and I'd love to cook from it in April, so that's my nomination. We haven't done an Italian book since the very first month of COTM back in September 2006, and since others are hoping to do a vegetarian/healthy cooking book later in spring when more spring veggies come out, this might be just the month for Italian.

      1. re: JoanN

        My vote is for Italian too - Mario Batali's MOLTO ITALIANO

        1. re: Rubee

          I like the idea of doing Babbo also, so changing my vote to:


        2. THE FLEXITARIAN TABLE is a very interesting book, and unique in its approach. I also have SUPERNATURAL COOKING and WHOLE GRAINS EVERY DAY, and like them both. However, since a lot of folks want to cook from VEGETARIAN COOKING FOR EVERYONE once fresh produce is available, SC should probably not be considered for April, as it, too, is vegetarian.

          1. I'm putting it out there again:
            MY BOMBAY KITCHEN by Niloufer King

            It would be fun!

              supernatural cooking and [I've edited my post to demote my vote for Heidi Swanson until June or July when the markets are filled with a bounty of fresh vegetables]

              (here in the upper midwest, the ground is still frozen--personally, I'd love to do "vegetarian cooking for everyone", but not until June when we start to get fresh, local produce. If you want to postpone supernatural cooking until June, too, I'd be fine with MOLTO ITALIANO.)

              Also, since April is the month before cinco de mayo, I'd love to perfect some Mexican recipes in April to serve in early May. Since Bayless has already been done, how about a DIANA KENNEDY. ESSENTIAL CUISINES OF MEXICO, perhaps? I'm not really attached to any Kennedy title in particular...

              Personally, I would be fine with a separate "dessert" COTM, though, I'm a relative newcomer to all of this, so I don't really have a feel if that would cause a lot of confusion.

              Finally, just a procedural matter, but since I'm new to all this, I'm not sure how it works, but will there be some kind of COTM round-up? A general thread to discuss at the end of the month what peoples overall impressions of that month's COTM, and how it compares to other books of the same genre, etc? Whether or not they think this book is good enough to add to their personal libraries? That sort of thing?

              Thank you, oakjoan!


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              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                My preferences out of that list would be FLEXITARIAN TABLE (based on posts by Beetlebug and others) and BATALI (love Italian food!). I'm not likely to participate in a dessert COTM generally (DH gets cranky when I make desserts that he then eats), so I won't proffer an opinion on that ;-).

                I'll put in for doing a true English book sometime in the future (not Jamie Oliver).

                1. re: MMRuth

                  MMRuth--Do your replies need to be in all caps to be tallied?

                  Yeah, I probably wouldn't participate in a desserts cookbook, either, unless it was a specific kind of dessert cookbook, say, an ice cream one in summer and maybe a whole grains one right now while I'm on my diet. But, I'd be okay with it if others wanted to do one!

                  I like the sound of that English book you mentioned in the March "ideas" thread--for a future month.


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    Fixed - thanks ;-) I wouldn't want not to count!

                2. re: The Dairy Queen

                  This message is in regards to The Dairy Queen's suggestion that we have a review of the March cookbooks of the month on this Board before we move on to the next book.

                  I think this is a marvelous suggestion! I'll try post a thread near the end of the month with a title that will indicate that it's a place for general discussion of anything about the books, critique, plaudits, etc. regarding feelings we've had about the success or failure of the March cookbooks of the month.

                    1. re: oakjoan

                      Please do!
                      Just reading what you have to say about your experience will be very interesting and the perfect ending to your project!

                  1. I have been cooking a bit out of FLEXITARIAN TABLE and that would be fine, but I think VEGETARIAN COOKING FOR EVERYONE has come up many times. Another one is WORLD VEGETARIAN by M. Jaffrey.

                    We have never done an Indian book, and I would love to become better in that cuisine. I am open to any book with a INDIAN CUISINE THEME.

                    We cook a lot of Mexican and would do a D. KENNEDEY book, but that doesn't fit the light theme a lot of folks seemed interested in.

                    I would participate in a PURE DESSERT thread. I have made several recipes from there.