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Mar 17, 2008 12:11 PM

Catering for Wedding October 18th 2008

Hi There!
I'm looking for a really good caterer in the Baltimore area for October 18th 2008.
No more than 100 ppl, and I wasn't trying to go broke on just the meal portion of the Wedding.
Can someone suggest a caterer or a catering company or experienced cook, who would be excellent and willing to do the job.

Price no more $30 per person

I'm also wiling to pay more if I can get bar services included.
In that way, I wouldn't have to look for that elsewhere. It would be the same company.

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  1. I was extremly pleased with the food, service and price of Wickey's, we used them for our wedding- they really let us be a part of crafting the menu to our tastes. They went above and beyond in the design of the event and service was incredible. They have since opened up a location in Baltimore at Preston Hall- it is a very nice space.
    We found them conisderably !! cheaper and tastier for what we wanted then other top caterers, we looked at Sascha's and Chef's expressions
    our cost per head was aprx $40- we used their bar services. They were great to work with very flexible!

    1. Check into Dan Horwitz from the Pantry Fine Catering. They can do small dinner parties for 6 to full blown weddings for 100 at various budgets in between. They provide bar service and wait staff and I much prefer their food to Chef's expressions.

      Pantry Fine Catering
      307 Dolphin St, Baltimore, MD