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Mar 17, 2008 12:08 PM

Fogo de Chao Pricing

I'm trying to find info on how the pricing works for Fogo de Chao.

From my understanding it's a pre-set price for an all you can eat meat-fest. But how much is the pre-set price? Does it included everything (besides drinks of course)? I'm interested in the pricing for the dinner menu. Also does anyone know if there is an additional price for groups larger then 6 people etc.


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  1. Before you get too involved, my place of work looked into doing a group event there in the past. We were told there are no private rooms and they just seat you in the regular dining area, so if you are looking for a more private group event, it may not work. (We ended up not going so I can't give any more detail).

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      It's more like a group of 10 or so for a birthday party. I don't mind being in the main room as long as we can all sit together etc.

    2. Yes, you are correct. The pre-set price includes the all you can eat meat-fest! The meat-fest includes over a dozen different types/cuts of meat, unlimited sides and bread with your meal, and unlimited trips to the salad bar. I went to Fogo for my boyfriend's birthday, and I think it was around the $50pp mark. The only thing the price doesn't include is drinks and dessert (if you are foolish enough to still have room!).

      I don't know if they do special group pricing, but it would be worth a call. When we were there we sat next to a large group of about 12 that were all seated together in the main dining room.

      1. I believe that the lunch is $29.50, and dinner is $44.50. It does include everything except for drinks and dessert (I think - I don't know, I'm always too full for dessert). I don't think there is an additional price for groups, and I've seen many groups there, the few times I've been to the one here and in Atlanta.

        If nothing else, I think it's a fun place, that works really well for groups, because of the buffet-style for the salads, and the fact that the meat comes to you via staff bearing the meat on a spit. People won't be able to stop talking about the food.

        1. Just know that the price varies from city to city. Expect somewhere between $40 - $50+ for the full dinner. We're on the low end of the Fogo price spectrum here in Minneapolis.