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Mar 17, 2008 12:04 PM

Based purely on their chocolate desserts...

Would you recommend Petit Robert (Kenmore) or Hamersley's? I enjoy both restaurants but have not had dessert at either in quite a long time. This is for my mom's 60th birthday and we've narrowed it to these two restaurants. Decision will be based on the chocolate...


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  1. I don't remember the desserts at Hamersley's but I've always been disappointed with any dessert that I've gotten at Petit Robert. I haven't been there in a while and I'm sorry I don't have specific details on a specific dessert but I just remember that underwhelmed feeling regarding dessert there. Hope this helps at least a little...

    1. I haven't been to PRB. Hamersley's is famous for their souffled lemon pudding cake, which is very good, but obviously not chocolate. I had a trio of chocolate desserts there last year; two were good (not great) and one was bad. Have you considered Icarus for their chocolate moulten souffle for two? Also, I believe steak houses are known for having reliably delicious chocolate desserts.

      I usually go somewhere else for dessert, like Toscanini's, because most restaurants disappoint when it comes to the final course. If you had dinner in Cambridge you could hit Burdick's afterward, or you could have dinner at Green Street and stay put for their delicious brownie sundae.

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        I personally love the idea of a progressive meal - drinks, dinner and dessert all at special places - and would do just that for dear mom's birthday, BUT my 91 year old grandpa is joining us and mobility isn't really his thing these days - so we stay put! thanks for the suggestions though... and for reminding me of that lemon dessert at Hamersley's. If we end up there at least I know what I'll be having!

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          Going to Icarus from Hammersley's wouldn't be TOO hard, but still too far for a 91 year old to walk and not worth the car hassle probably.
          My friend enjoys that Eiffel Tower thing at PRB, I've only had the pear and apple tarte type desserts there.

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            You could get the warm chocolate cake from either Aquitaine or Pops, both a quick trot away that perhaps Grandpa could handle. I think you've had the one at Pops. I've had both Pops and Aquitaine and I think I like Pops better but both are good.

        2. I've had the chocolate Eiffel Tower at Petit Robert, and it was terribly disappointing. Everything was sort of dry and plastic tasting. They also have a chocolate mousse, though, which seems sort of hard to mess up.

          1. heathermb, I haven't had a chocolate dessert at either, but I remember the cheese plate from Petit Robert fondly as an option for you.