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Mar 17, 2008 12:00 PM

Bunco Party Hors D'Oeuvres

I am hosting Bunco party this week and Spring is my theme. We normally do a few snacks and then a dessert. My dessert is going to be homemade ice cream sandwiches, raspberry ice cream w/ sugar cookie and chocolate ice cream and peanut butter cookies. We don't do dinner, so for the snacks I would like to do at least one that is substantial. I was thinking crudite with some dip (that is not ranch dressing), fruit with dulce de leche dip and something else. I have done a ham and cheese tortilla wrap, but I am looking for something new. So any help you could give me would be great!

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  1. For a bridal shower this weekend, I just made turnovers out of puff pastry, one filled with ham and baby swiss, the other filled with smoked fresh mozz and sundried tomatoes. People they were for are slightly picky, otherwise I would have jazzed them up with mustard, basil, etc. They went over like gangbusters, were really easy to do and probably could be adapted to numerous outre ones like goat cheese and date; bacon and potato; chutney and pork. Limitless possibilities.

    Also, roasted asparagus wrapped with prosciutto...very springy.

    Your desserts sound soooo good btw.

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      I was actually thinking of something along the lines of your turnovers, but was not sure about how to make the filling. Did you just use diced ham and swiss and then bake it or is there more to it?

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        I just used some thinly sliced deli ham kind of torn up into pieces. I'm sure you could use diced though. I diced the swiss. but yeah, pretty much crimped the edges, gave them an eggwash and baked them. I think you could mix up a filling of diced ham, shredded cheese, pepper, dijon mustard and maybe some kind of herb?

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          I make a version of this too, but use dijon mustard,ham,cheese and grapes(which you cut in half.) The grapes sound strange but really add a great flavor to the turnovers.

    2. pepperoni bread
      pinwheels (could do different varieties)
      bruschetta or tomato/mozz/basil/prosciutto on baguette

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          thanks for the link to this article- so many good ideas!

        2. For the fruit dip - I really like spiking whipped cream with amaretto and serving it with strawberries and pineapples.

          1. Hey, DesertGal,
            would you be open to having a couple of strangers at your party. Two fun girls--a producer and a TV exec who have made a pilot about Bunco and want to see a party in action?

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              Yea, you would be welcome to come, but I warn you we are in the middle of nowhere!