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Mar 17, 2008 11:45 AM

Fresh Fish Market off 101 btwn LA & Big Sur?

We'll be driving up the 101 from LA to Big Sur on Thursday to go camping. Does anyone know of any fish markets along the way where we could stop and pick up something fresh to cook over the campstove? I'm not even sure what's in season right now, but we're not that picky if it's fresh.

Thank you for any tips!

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  1. I like Giovanni's in Morro Bay.

    1. If you are prepared with a cooler, and aren't too worried about $$$, then I suggest Lazy Acres in Santa Barbara- located on the Mesa. Excellent choices, fresh selections.

      Also in SB, at the harbor- is the SB Fish Market- I have always scored there- though sometimes they may not have a large inventory- though a boat may tie up at any time and change that....And for a bonus, you can have a nice lunch at either the Minnow or Sushi A GoGo- our favorite place to get salmon anything.

      Giovannis- Isn't that the place on the North side of town/ wooden building- that has a to-go window? If that is the place, you'll be prepared for a great dinner!!!!

      We have recently been catching trout, on the river above Lake Cachuma- and we take our little butane stove- a little O/O and some bread crumbs...Oh lala!!