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Mar 17, 2008 10:33 AM

Chowhound from Philly needs rec for 8 people on a Saturday night

I am coming to DC with my husband, 2 young kids (8 and 5, but pretty adventurous eaters), parents and in-laws for the Epilepsy Walk a few weeks from now.
We need a place for dinner Saturday night.

I'd really like to go for Thai food or some other asian food.

I used to live in No Va and I really miss the amazing Thai and Vietnamese food - I can't get good Thai where I live. But I pretty much love all ethnic food except ethiopean.

My parents are food snobs from NYC - they like really authentic asian food.

My in-laws are the complete opposite of food snobs - they like americanized asian food.

We're staying in SW DC, but are fine with driving or taking transportation to pretty much anywhere in DC, Arlington or Alexandria.


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  1. Thai Square in Arlington has great authentic thai, but will also have some normal stuff your in-laws will be used to seeing. You could also choose a place at the Eden Center? Definitely authentic? What about Indian you could go to Rasika, it has ethnic, stuff people who are unsure about Indian tend to like, but it really is excellent.

    1. I would highly recommend checking out Tyler Cowen's Ethnic Dining Guide.

      1. Cafe Asia in Rosslyn would be good for young kids. You can definitely get more authentic elsewhere, but they have some delicious things on their menu to hopefully appeal to your parents, in-laws, and children.

        For Vietnamese, I love Nam Viet in Clarendon. It's a small restaurant, definitely fine for children.

        1. "I used to live in No Va and I really miss the amazing Thai and Vietnamese food"

          not much has changed in that the best Asian is mostly found over there. If you decide to stay in the District proper, Regent in Dupont for Thai and Miss Saigon in G'town for Vietnamese are my recs..

          1. How about Four Sisters in Eden Center? For a group your size, I very much like the set menu options that they provide. Takes some of the work out of coordinating what to order with 1 or 2 choices for each course. Many of the options are quite good and appeal to non-adventurous eaters like shaky beef and carmelized fish (having taken my parents and SO's parents there). I also like that it takes some of tension out of ordering when people have different levels of familiarity with the cuisine.

            I believe they offer a set menu option for a group of 8 (2, 4, and 8 maybe?). If not, you can easily add an extra entree or two or another appetizer to one of the existing set menus. They've also allowed us to substitute in the past (i.e., summer rolls for spring rolls.)

            And Eden Center is a fun destination in and of itself and I think would appeal to both food snobs who've seen/tasted it all and those who have not. My visitors always enjoy strolling around the different shops first before going to eat, so I try to include some time before our reservation.

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              Four sisters have moved out of Eden Center fyi.

              1. re: ktmoomau

                Oh no. I had heard that rumor last fall and then checked here, as a matter of fact, and learned it was still there. But I understand that they were opening another location further out and could possibly close Eden, but they told us they were going to try to keep both places in operation. Too bad.

                But I bet they still offer their set menu at their new location. I assume they have re-opened in the new location as planned.