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Mar 17, 2008 10:28 AM

Pre Rendered Lard

I used the last of my lard for a pork belly confit. I know that I can render my own, but in general I'd rather not. I've bought it before at a Mexican market in Burien, but I'd prefer somewhere closer to home (u-district). I checked Uwajimaya, but they only had the hydrogenated stuff. Where do you get yours?

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  1. Sea Breeze Farms at the U-dist Farmers Market on Saturdays often has rendered lard for sale. $6 for a jar.

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      1. re: vanillagorilla

        I'm not positive. (I render my own). I think they are somewhere around the equivalent of 10-12 fl oz. Maybe 4 inches tall and 2 inches diameter?

        1. re: patriciajane

          We looked this weekend. If it is the same size as the other jars (since I didn't see any lard this week), it'd be 9 ounce.

    1. what's the difference betw. the hydrogenated lard and non-hydrogenated?

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        Basically the same thing that is the difference between canola oil and crisco. It has hydrogen added in to further saturate it, making it much more shelf stable and less prone to rancidity. It also changes the melting characteristics and the flavor. Plus it's not good for you.

      2. Hi, I have a couple suggestions. If you live in an area with a real meat market or near a farm where they sell pig meat... ok pork... I would ask them if they render. I have rendered fat myself and it was not nearly as satisfying as I had imagined. OK second suggestion: have you heard of Spectrum non hydrogenated lard? It is made from expeller pressed palm oil (organic no less) and is (gasp) good for you! Here's where you can buy it if your store does not carry it.

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            Sorry. I thought I should mention it. Many people like to bake with lard but don't want the trans fat (which you called out as a problem for you). I was just trying to be helpful. I was wrong.

            1. re: Sal Vanilla

              I am glad you mentioned it, even though it isn't lard. The Crisco-type shortenings did have their uses.

              One thing about trans fat, though. It is my understanding that lard does contain a bit of trans fat, but not much, and nowhere near what the hydrogenated shortenings have. Like butter, lard may be having a rehabilitation toward being recognized as the new healthy alternative.

        1. The Mercado in Pike Place Market (on the Sanitary Market side at the southern end of Post Alley) has it, I believe. Our son got us a 5 pound tub and it wasn't expensive.

          1. Guadalajara Market on Ambaum has freshly rendered lard all the time in tubs.

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              1. re: vanillagorilla

                Sorry I mean Guadalupe Market, and yes it's in Burien.

                1. re: rockdoggydog

                  Is that the big Mex grocery store by the Goodwill?

                  If you go there to buy lard (as I may!) you should check out the bar soaps they have in different scents in cardboard boxes for a buck fitty. I've tried the seaweed and the tomato, and both are rockin' good. The tomato is especially non-drying so it's really good hand soap in the kitchen where you may not be lotioning after handwashing.

                  1. re: rockdoggydog

                    I've bought lard there quite a few times... It's just a bit of a pain to get all the way down there.

                    1. re: vanillagorilla

                      True but then you can make a trip of it and grab tortillas there too and head up to White Center and to Carniceria El Paisano for the best tamales, chicharrones, and pico de gallo in the area.

                      1. re: rockdoggydog

                        Yes, and it freezes well so you can stock up and not have to go down very often. It's really the best deal on lard that I know of.