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Mar 17, 2008 10:00 AM

Where to buy mushrooms in Edmonton

Not sure what I'm looking for in particular, but is there any place that sells a variety of fresh mushrooms in Edmonton. The brown/white button mushrooms are getting boring! And the dried ones available just don't cut it. Chantarelles would be nice. Maybe fresh porcini? Or shitake? or oyster...

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  1. Dan G.:

    I can recommend T & T at the mall for shitake, oyster and some other asian varieties but it can be "hit and miss" and you are left with crimini, white button, portobello's, etc..

    Same thing with Spinelli's. I have seen lobster mushrooms there but not on a regular basis. However, that may have more to do with the restricted number of times I have been there.

    Miss the days when I would go most Saturday mornings to the old farmers' market downtown off Chinatown or the Callingwood Market on Sundays and buy my mushrooms from Otto and the folks from Mo-na Foods.

    Of course, that too was seasonally based.

    1. I've never seen fresh Porcinis here. The Italian market also sells those dry. If I saw those, I'd snatch them up quick. :)

      1. Sunterra often has a decent supply.