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Mar 17, 2008 09:49 AM

a disappointment at Eulogy

Went to Eulogy with my DH on Saturday night around 8. While my mussels and frites were fantastic as always, my husband was surprisingly disappointed with his entree. He ordered fish & chips, which he's had before and has been happy. But this time, the order came out with a measly three small pieces of fish (think chicken finger size) and about 10 fries.

We're usually not ones to complain about things, but we figured it had to be a mistake b/c (1) their fish & chips usually isn't that small and (2) it was $16. Our waitress spoke with the chef, and she sheepishly returned to apologize profusely, claiming the chef was "being an ass" and she bought us a round of La Chuoffe. We reassured her that we knew portion size is not a server's fault.

I so enjoyed my meal, but the situation rubbed me the wrong way. Has anyone had problems like this at Eulogy before?

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  1. wow, that sucks - and no, never. that's one of my favorite dishes, but i always feel bad cause i can never eat even half of it! i'll make a note next time i go and report back...

    1. I'm not one to complain because Eulogy is a great spot, but I have been burned there on food a number of times. Don't get me wrong, I've had great meals and bad meal there. It all depends on what cook you get. My neighbors were the same way. They swore the place off and I pleaded with them to come and try it again. Unfortunately, I got them there and our food was terrible. I was so upset I didn't go back for a few months and then had a weak moment on a Sunday, stopped in, had a burger and mussels and it was fantastic. I guess with the constant rotation of cooks, the food is hit or miss.

      1. I've been once and am loathe to go back. Service was horrible -- sat at the bar for what we hoped might be a quick(ish) bite w/ my partner before a movie, and he brought out the wrong drinks -- took my partner's drink order and never even looked at me, must have misheard him, and came back w/ two drinks. Could not then for the life of me get his attention to get what I wanted to drink with my very average sandwich (and we're sitting AT THE BAR). There was something very strange and off about the whole experience -- the food was okay, although I'll admit I was very disappointed with the fries. They tasted like cardboard to me. I've been really hesitant to go back when it's suggested -- usually just end up around the corner at the shiny new brewery (what'sit'sname??).

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            We visited Eulogy recently and had great food. Fish and chips, mussels and grilled three (or was it four) cheese sandwich. Six beers between us. What impressed us most was the extremely beer knowledgable waitress who was also attentive.

            Of course we've had good luck with Monk's every time we've been there and people complain about their service. And we like Nodding Head too.

            We were at Triumph for the Real Ale Festival and had good mussels and frites and quesadillas. They passed around hors d'ouvres like Scotch eggs and salmon roulade that hit the spot with all the cask ales to sample. For a very crowded event such as that service was excellent.

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            Never had the food at Eulogy - but the guy who's usually tending the upstairs bar has always been attentive, even when it's packed.

          3. Went w/ friends on a busy Friday night and encountered horrible service. Downstairs was packed so we headed upstairs and found an open table. Wouldn't let us sit down until they confirmed that we would be ordering more than drinks. Ordered a Chechvar and checking the bottle, it was one week past expiration. Tasted fine, but if you claim to be a premier beer destination and mark up your prices... I hold you to a higher standard. Notified our server of this and rather than apologizing he was snippity in a passive aggressive manner. Definitely turned off by the whole experience.