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Mar 17, 2008 09:45 AM

John G's in Lake Worth

So we went for breakfast one day last week, and while the food was very good, what am I missing? Between the long lines and high Zagat reviews, I didn't see what makes this place one of Palm Beach County's finest. I ate just as well if not better at Poppie's in Delray a couple days later for much cheaper and less hassle.

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  1. Fibber...........You are not missing anything.I have live a couple of miles from John G's for 25 years.I never understood the fascination myself. Actually, I don't like their food. Give me some corned beef hash, or country fried steak. I am with you Fibber

    1. I have been to John G's about 10 times so I wouldn't count myself a regular, but what I like about it is that they put out a pretty consistent breakfast (hot and fast), on the second visit the waitress remembered my drink order, and the view of the ocean. I usually go there by myself and I usually get seated at one of the tables near the register. I took my mom there and the hostess put us at the table right by the window. After breakfast I take a brief stroll on the beach or the sidewalk. However I would not go there on a weekend (unless it was really early) or with a large party as that really could be a hassle.

      1. I patronized John G's once and once only. I posted here of my view (negative) and the opinions of others disagreed. A view of the ocean across a parking lot is not a view to me and though the food was acceptable, the service was only ok as the place was jammed and the staff were severely taxed. Fodors continued to rate it highly (don't know about now as I won't pay to view). One of the parameters for my view is that the wait can be lengthy and standing outside just to get a seat even in lovely FL is too much for me.

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          If you want a good breakfast in the West Palm Beach area, forget John G's..Go to City Diner on Dixie between Southern and Belvedere, or JoJo's at the corner of Lantana and Congress.Don't fall for the tourist trap that is dissapointing.

        2. Fibber, you are right on target. Poppie's has the best beakfast in Palm Beach County. However, John G's has the absolutely, unequivically best fish & chips for lunch.

          1. Your missing the point of this seaside diner. The breakfast is for people who want breakfast and the French Toast is the star of the breakfast show ~BUT~ this is the best place in Florida for Fish and Chips not just S. Florida. Its the heaping plate of Fish and Chips that you want here. Its made using Yellowtail Snapper, not cod or some other fish . Where can you get that? Nowhere but here. And the price should be double what it is for what you get. That is why the line is so long everyday.

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              Ok. One more shot. But for fish and chips. Thanks, Alfred and TitleCert.

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                how does their french toast compare to tom sawyers or boca breakfast and lunch club (both in boca)?

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                  Wow, Three great places for breakfast but I would have to say that Tom Sawyers is one of my alltime favorites when it comes to breakfast. Flakowitz is also very good on Federal Hwy in Boca at 5th ave. I like the large portions and the corned beef hash there

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                    but both tom sawyers and bfast and lunch club have serious french toast. so I am wondering if it is worth driving to lake worth for john g's just for the french toast?

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                      We drove from Boca to Lake Worth twice to go to John G's for breakfast and they are good but IMHO it's not any better than Tom Sawyer's or Boca Breakfast Club. For us that means they're not worth the drive and (especially) the wait although if we had plans to go to Lake Worth we would probably stop back for breakfast. On the other hand we love good fish and chips so we'll definately have to try it for lunch some weekend.

                      Our current favorite for breakfast is the Main Street Diner (5600 W Atlantic Blvd, Margate.) It's also a bit of a drive from Boca but it's very good.