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Mar 17, 2008 09:43 AM

Omakase or Kaiseki Chefs Tasting Menu

Just wondering which people would recommend, would like a well-rounded with sushi/sashimi and unique nice small dishes/plates for the chef's tasting menu and I'm deciding between

-Sushi Taro
-Sushi Ko

Can anyone give insight if they have tried 2 of the above or all of them for chef's tasting menu?

Ive been to sushi taro many times but never for the tasting menu and been to sushi ko once and we didnt have the tasting menu either. I have been to makoto a few times and love it but thought if people highly recommended the other two, we would try something different.

And also-for sushi taro, if you dont mind sharing how much you spent since they told me we have to tell them a budget from 75-150 usd...thanks!

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  1. The kaiseki meal at Makoto is one of my favorite meals. I highly recommend it. It is about $50 per person, but you can upgrade the sashimi course (which I usually do). I have had the tasting (omakase) meal at Sushi Ko and enjoyed it very much but not as much as Makoto. I have eaten at Sushi Taro and been underwhelmed so I have never bothered to try the the tasting menu. Of th ethree, Makoto is the easy winner, to my taste.

    1. I've had the "omakase" at Sushi Taro, but given the sheer volume of what they do there every night the experience leaves a lot to be desired. The omakase selection is already largely predetermined (the 'usual suspects' of pricier sushi - toro, sweet shrimp, scallop, etc - I'm clearly so underwhelmed I didn't bother to commit the selection to memory), and you'd likely have little to no interaction with the chef. My omakase experience was about $50, but I think they have higher "grades" of omakase as well, but without much variance - just more of 'the expensive stuff'.

      Though I have had mediocre non-omakase experiences at Sushi-Ko, if you can reserve seats in front of the sushi chef I've heard rave reviews, real interaction, and real treats coming from the omakase there.