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Mar 17, 2008 09:39 AM

help - dinner tonight

Where to go for dinner with a major Manhattan foodie?

originally i was going to do the Di Fara field trip, but it's closed on Mondays!
then, in the spirit of arguable best pies in the city i thought Franny's, but it's closed on Mondays!
then i tried Amorina (on Vanderbilt, near my apartment) and.....CLOSED ON MONDAYS!

apparently this is not the best day to go out for dinner.

but there must be some places in park slope/prospect heights open tonight, right??
i'd LOVE to go to a byob place, but at this point i'll settle for anything unusual and delicious (would really like to show The Manhattan Foodie that Brooklyn has great eats too).


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  1. how about Palo Santo? food is very good and interesting and has that cute tucked-away brownstone feel.

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      Al Di La. Get there early. It's amazing.
      Or if you're open to other Brooklyn neighborhoods and want amazing pizza - Lucali. I personally like it a lot more than Franny's and it's BYOB.
      Both have been heavily discussed on these boards.