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Apr 18, 2002 03:38 PM


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Has anyone tried this new tapas place on Abbot Kinney?

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  1. I tried it after reading about in the Calendar section of the LA Times. I wanted to love it, and the scene and setting are fab: Great looking bar, wine-nerd bartenders to offer suggestions, nice crowd of a mix of ages, but the tapas, of which I ordered half a dozen including octopus salad, mussels, vegetarian tapas and a beet dish, were a terrible disappointment, as was a limp, uninteresting arugula salad. The tapas tasted only of garlic and oil and nothing else--the shredded beets tasted and looked like they came out of a Manischewitz borscht jar..I live within walking distance and will not be going back!

    1. I've been there two times. The first time was shortly after it opened - the atmosphere and wines were good, as the previous post attested, but the tapas were lacking. Primitivo changed chefs shortly thereafter, and I returned.

      I'd say the tapas improved. I liked the cheese assortment, the olive plate, the scallops, and the tortilla, but overall, the food did not wow me. I wouldn't enthusiastically recommend it to anyone.

      That being said, I certainly didn't think it was bad --just not as good as I'd hoped. The prices for the tapas make for an affordable meal with friends in a fun atmosphere, but I might stick to noshing at the bar. I do hope the chef works out these kinks, b/c the place has great potential (but also kind of awkward service too).