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Mar 17, 2008 08:59 AM

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a burger today

Anybody want to chime in on what might be the best burger in Jersey? I haven't been there yet but a friend's been raving about 'Five Guys Famous Burgers' in Parsippany. (Soon to open another branch in Madison.) Given that he has a tendency to 'inhale' before eating, so to speak, I have no idea whether Five Guys is any good.

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  1. That's a pretty wimpy request. (Sorry)

    Five Guys gets mixed reviews. At the shore, Barnicle Bills has the best reputation.

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    1. re: cantkick

      I firmly believe Stage Left has the best burger, especially if you ask them to put a chunker of sauteed foie gras on it

      1. re: avidcook

        I do agree that Stage Left has, or at least had, a great burger (I haven't been there for a while). But why on earth would you want to put foie gras on a burger? I love a good burger, and I love foie gras, but I prefer to keep them apart.

        I also had a wonderful, juicy burger at The Fox and Hound Tavern in Lebanon but that was several chefs ago. What's going on at that place?

        I have never been to The Gladstone Tavern but a friend swears they have one of the best burgers in the state. Mmgpsych, you've been there, do you have any burger experiences to share?

        1. re: ambrose

          Oh c'mon foie on a burger! Even Escoffier would agree

          1. re: ambrose

            Never had their burgers but I wouldn't doubt that they're good. My ongoing take at Gladstone is that the simpler the dish, the fewer ingredients, the less they 'try', the better. Ergo . . . A simple burger might fly. Hmmmm... Maybe I'll try one on Thursday and report back.

            1. re: ambrose

              Had a burger at the Gladstone Tavern today, and I'll try to curb my admittedly acerbic tongue except to say that it was unremarkable. To be true to my credo of no raves-without-reason or pans-without-explanation, let's say that the meat was slightly mealy and tasted as if it had been frozen and thawed. The roll was a basic store bought onion, and did little besides wrapping the burger. The vaunted hand cut fries were a wee bit soggy but the lettuce and tomato were fresh. In conclusion, if I had to choose between a Double Whopper with Cheese, and Gladstone's Tavern burger, I'd . . . well . . . let me think . . .

        2. Main street USA , highway 35 south in Ocean, NJ without a doubt!!!

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          1. re: Barbarella

            Just tried a Main Street "berger" last week for the first time and agree it is excellent - right up there at the top of the heap in the jerzey shore area. You can keep the fries however. I just hate those crusty coated spuds that every restaurant is now dishing out.

            1. If you’re in the Trenton area be sure to stop by the legendary Rossi’s Bar & Grill for the best burger and fries in the state.

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              1. re: TomDel

                I'll second Rossi's. I've been eating them for 40 years. Bread can make the sandwich and their rolls are tops.

                1. re: BCjr

                  I was so disappointed in Rossi's. We waited in the crowded bar area for an hour, all the while certain the wait would be worth it. The burgers tasted baked-no char and worst of all no juiciness to them. We enjoyed the homemade chips though.

                  1. re: Lyds

                    Sorry you had a bad experience. I’m guessing that you were there on a Friday or Saturday night. They don’t do very well when they’re crowded. The burgers usually do have a good char on them as they normally cook them in a very hot salamander, but with a crowd they might be trying to finish them off in the oven or something like that. I usually go there during the week or on a Saturday afternoon.

              2. The Pub in Pennsauken-The Hamburger Hoedown-about 8$ for a burger done over a wood fired grill and all the fixins-I usually add 2 bowls of snapper soup-hard to find quality turtle these days. My parents went there for the hoedown after they got married-in the 50's and it's still good.

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                1. re: rudywill

                  A wood fire grilled burger. That sounds worth checking out. Thanks.

                  1. re: mmgpsych

                    After I got a grill, I quit worrying about places to buy a burger in NJ. I have to admit that I've been tempted to go across the river a little north of New Hope to a place called Dilly's. I read about it on the Holly Eats webpage and it looks pretty good. I'd more than likely get a hotdog while there, but the hamburger looks pretty good. Anyone been there that can second Holly's recommendation?

                    1. re: Citizen Rich

                      Haven't been but it's now on the list. Speaking of grills and grilling burgers etc., we've been threatening to do it for two years, and when we get back from abroad mid-May,we're about to ditch the humongous gas grill and make the jump into grilling hyperspace.
                      Given what I hear is something of a learning curve, I'm glad I'm researching good burgers :-))))

                      1. re: mmgpsych

                        CRich, if Dilly's is the stand with the 8 of Hearts ordering system (and I believe it is), they make outstanding medium-rare burgers with cheese, tomato, lettuce fixins-just good comfort food! Well worth a stop while in New Hope.

                        mmq, as for the BIG green egg..we own and use ours all year round. Bought a nearly new model on ebay for half the price. It is our preferred grill for large parties because a whole chicken, large cut of meat cook evenly with little fuss. Good luck!