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Mar 17, 2008 08:36 AM

Vegetarian Friendly Reccs in Tucson?

I don't eat meat, fish or seafood. Here is a list of options I came up with - any reccs?
I will be staying in Tucson for 4 nights and am staying at the JW Marriot Star Pass and have a car.

Maya Quetzal
429 N 4TH Ave - (520) 622-8207

The Dish
3200 E Speedway Blvd - (520) 326-1714

Vivace Restaurant
4310 N Campbell Ave - (520) 795-7221

Frank’s Restaurant (breakfast)
3843 E Pima St - (520) 881-2710

Ghini’s French Caffe
1803 E Prince Rd - (520) 326-9095 -

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  1. Lovin' Spoonfuls is a vegan restaurant at 2990 N. Campbell ((520) 325-7766). I haven't been there but it's supposed to be very good.

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    1. re: lawyerbriefs

      thanks! any thoughts on the restaurants listed above?

      1. re: saturninus

        I hope I'm not to late. The Dish is wonderful, but it's not a vegetarian restaurant. It's very small, located in a wine shop and, thus, offers a great wine selection. I'd check the menu first. Also The Dish is not, I don't think, taking reservations.

        Vivace is terrific,the hot Italian place in town and, also, not vegetarian. That said, Vivace will make you whatever you want. A friend of mine always gets pasta with some olive oil and fresh tomatoes, and another gets lightly breaded veal, neither of which is on the menu.

        Frank's is a greasy spoon, and it's not know for being vegetarian.

        Ghini's is very nice. It's a breakfast/lunch place. Fabulous lattes. The eggs look very good, but I'm not a breakfast person.

        Beyond Bread, just down the street from Ghini's, is a bakery/sandwich place with a breakfast menu and many vegetarian options. it's not as quaint as Ghini's, but the food is great and it's very popular.

        From other listings, Cafe Poca Cosa is wonderful and, i think, has a few vegetarian options. It's unlike any Mexican food you've likely had.

        I don't know 58 Degrees, but a similar place I've enjoyed is Armitage, located in La Encantada. Very nice wine choices, happy hour specials and the menu, from memory, has several cheese-related options.

    2. looking through the history I also found:

      Café Poca Cosa

      Any thoughts on that or others mentioned above?

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        Cafe Poca Cosa is fantastic and I have always been able to get a vegetarian entree with no trouble at all. Even if they don't have one listed on the chalkboard just ask and she'll make you something.

        The only other one listed I've been to is Vivace and have enjoyed eating there several times. The handmade pasta is very good and I remember them having a pretty good wine list too.

      2. I really like Maya Quetzal. It's a nice change from local Mexican (it's Guatemalan), and the food is simple, tasty and filling.

        The Dish and Vivace are both Tucson stand-bys. Both have great food, and are fun... but I'm not sure what their vegetarian offerings are like.

        Franks is always good for a hearty, simple breakfast at a reasonable price, with great people watching. Not my favorite place for breakfast in Tucson, but certainly in my top 5.

        Ghini's... Sometimes it's great, sometimes not so much.

        Some other recommendations:

        The squash ravioli at Tavolino; Breakfast at Laverna's coffee shop; Wine, cheese and olives at 58 degrees and holding; Mediteranian salad sampler at Delectables on 4th Ave.

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        1. re: Booklegger451

          Which location of 58 degrees is closer to our hotel or better? We are wine and cheese buffs - do they have an impressive collection?

          1. re: saturninus

            Their by-the-glass wine selection is typically very good. I've liked their cheese selection, but it's usually not large, 6-8 cheeses available, usually with 3 or 4 being "very accessible" cheeses like bries and cheddars. It does change up fairly often, though. The Campbell location will be a bit closer to your hotel, I think, though the difference is not going to be great.

        2. I'm an adventurous eater, but on a visit to Café Poca Cosa last year I chose the vegetarian option because it sounded irresistible, both from the chalkboard description and the server's additional explanation. And so it was...