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Irish Oatmel - how to speed up?

Sent DH to TJs for McCann's quick cooking Irish oatmeal. He brought home the 30 minute long cooking kind. Didn't realize until he already opened it up. Can I whirl this in the food processor and will it magically become the 5-10 min kind I prefer? I am the only one in the house who eats oatmeal and don't really have 30 min to let it cook. Usually add oatmeal as extender to meatloaf, can I use this stuff? It looks very different from the oatmeal I am used to, more like pearled barley. What can I do to speed up cooking time? Thanks!

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  1. No, I wouldn't whirl it in the blender. You could use a pressure cooker if you have one. I sometimes soak it overnight and then it cooks in a short time.

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      Ditto. My husband and I always soak ours overnight. It's so far superior to the rolled oats that it's worth the change in routine. If you let it soak, it'll take approx 10 mins in the morning. It's much nuttier and some of the best roughage out there. I'd question whether you can use it in meatloaf, though.

    2. this is the opposite of what you asked--but I cook it in a small crock pot (the kind they market for dips). Takes about 30 seconds before bed and tastes a whole lot better than the quick cooking type.

      1. I make a big batch of it every Sunday that holds all week in the fridge. Just pop it in the microwave for a minute or so for breakfast.

        1. I use my zojirushi rice cooker for McCann's.... the steel cut oats are quite different from the rolled oats you are accustomed to -- they have more "bite" and more of a nutty flavor.

          They do benefit from a long soak.

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            The one time I tried the steel cut oats in my Zojirushi it was a crunchy disaster. Do you mind sharing your water/oats ratio or any other tips? (I can't manage to cook anything besides rice in the thing so far, partly because I am completely befuddled by the directions and the buttons.) Thanks!

          2. use the microwave. 5 minutes then stir(add fruit) the 4-5 more minutes. add maple syrup and dig in

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              quazi....do you follow the liquid to oatmeal proportions on the can..or do you adjust them somewhat?
              Do you cover?

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                i use slightly more than 3 parts water to 1 part oatmeal. Though I prefer my oatmeal a little loose so you just have to play with the ratio. If you have a large say 8 cups or more don't cover. any less then cover with plastic wrap or it will bubble over.

            2. Put oatmeal, water and salt in a pot the night before. Bring to a boil, then turn off. Let sit overnight. It will need just a short cooking time in the morning. Make a big batch then just take what you want each day, add a little milk and heat in microwave or on stove over lowish heat.

              1. I sometimes cook it in a pan instead of a pot. THe consistncy is more crunchy.

                I will put the oats in the pan, and expose them to the heat for a minute or two, I then add the water, it can cut about 10 minutes off of the cooking time.

                Or I prepare it in a pot the night before, and then refrigerate it and nuke in the am.

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                  Or you could try baking it - it's the same amount of time but you don't have to be nearby. I don't have a recipe offhand, but it's in one of the Moosewood cookbooks and quite intuitive. (Comes up pretty fluffy!)

                2. I saw a show on PBS yesterday re steel cut oatmeal -- how to pre-cook it for use later, hope this helps: