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Mar 17, 2008 07:56 AM

Best Huevos Rancheros in Durham/Chapel Hill?

I've had a wicked need lately for some really good Huevos Rancheros. Anyone have recommendations for establishments in the Durham/Chapel Hill area that serve some of a noteworthy variety?

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  1. they have some good ones called "abuela's" at Citrus in Southern Village...

    1. My favorite so far is from Fiesta Grill, west of Carrboro on 54.

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      1. re: dschoonmaker

        second that. would also add el superior in Durham.

        1. re: tacostacoseverywhere

          Which one is el superior? Not super taqueria, is it?

          1. re: suse

            no, it's the one in the big mexican grocer. they also sell tortillas by the pound.

            1. re: tacostacoseverywhere

              amazing fresh tortillas! i'll stand there and watch their machine go from corn, to soak, to grind, to mix and through the conveyor belt--its great!

      2. The Huevos Rancheros with fried plantains at El Cuscatleco on Garrett Road in Durham are a treat.

        1. my preferred spot is La Fondita In at 9am on weekends--saturday and sunday! with all the huevos, chilaquiles, caldos and pozoles you could want! complete with that awesom hole in the wall atmosphere and superb christian ranchero music from the juke box!

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            We had breakfast at La Fondita on Saturday. The food was awesome. Unfortunatley the juke box was so loud we could not hear each other. What a shame because the food was so very good but the noise may keep me from going back. I think I'll give it one more shot and request they turn the music down ;-)

          2. Has anyone had the huevos rancheros at Dos Perros yet? I guess they've only been serving brunch on Sundays for a few weeks now, so I'm curious.

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              My lady and I went to Dos Perros for brunch this past Sunday. She had the huevos rancheros and I had the huevos en rabo de mestiza (poached eggs in tomato chile sauce). Both were really good. The ranchero sauce that came with her dish was of the spicy verde variety and the eggs were served on top of a crispy tortilla. My poached eggs were each perched on top of a nice fat patty of masa which was covered in tomato chile sauce. All very tasty stuff and reasonably priced for the quality and enviornment. That being said, the huevos rancheros at Azteca Grill are still my local benchmark. Their rancheros sauce is awesome and the plate of huevos rancheros they offer is a lot more food for about the same price.


              Azteca Grill
              1929 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC 27707

              Dos Perros
              200 N Mangum St. Suite 101, Durham, NC 27701