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Mar 17, 2008 07:49 AM

Help--bday dinner in P'ville/B'cliff area

Hi, Last year I did a huge party for my hubby at Zuppe in Yonkers. We have since moved to Briarcliff Manor and I want to do something more laid-back: dinner for two where the food is really good and I want to keep it close to home. I was thinking Iron Horse Grill but we have been twice (albeit not for a couple of years). Another idea is the place Frodo's became--Haven, I think? I don't know much about it. I am also curious about Terra Rustica and Torchia just because I drive by them all the time. My preference is for Pleasantville or Briarcliff but southern Ossining is a possibility, too. Is Brasserie Swiss at all special? His bday is not til 4/23..... thanks for any suggestions.
P.S. I am angling for Blue Hill at Stone Barns for my bday the following month so that is out. Also we will eat pretty much anything!

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  1. Hi, from someone who lives in Briarcliff-Frodos(now the Haven) is really good and I highly recommend for the occassion. We used to love Terra Rustica but now they changed owners its not as good. I don't think Torchias is good for a birthday dinner and I was never too impressed with Brasserie Swiss-nothing special.

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      Have you considered Crabtree's in Chappaqua? Just a stone's throw from Pleasantville...

      1. re: menton1

        I did consider it but I have heard such mixed things that I am not sure! I have heard it needs renovation so could be a depressing atmosphere. I have heard food is inconsistant, too. Plus is the setting better during the day?

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        Thanks! I think I'll just go and check out Haven in person... do they serve lunch? I could do some reconaissance ;-)

        1. re: jessheslin

          You could also check out Lexington Square in Mt Kisco-- a beautiful environment day or night here.

      3. Hey Jess! Traveler's Rest in Ossining (right on Rt. 100 - just past Millwood) is a very romantic spot. It's still cold enough, so they'll probably still have the fireplace going in one of the dining rooms. :)