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Mar 17, 2008 07:27 AM

Help! Rappie Pie?

I am looking for a place that makes rappie pie in New England.

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  1. What's a rappie pie? I've lived in New England for most of my life, and never heard of it.


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      Rappie pie (rapure) is a Nova Scotia food. I believe it is made from ground meat (pork or beef), sliced potatoes and onions in a pastry crust. It is traditionally served with maple syrup on the side for dipping/garnish.
      I'm not really familiar with it ( I saw it in NS), so if this general description is incorrect, please chime in. I've never even seen it Down East or in the County.

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        According to Wikipedia, it's an Acadian dish.

    2. Rappie pie is a Nova Scotian dish made from massive amounts of grated potatoes and usually chicken,sometimes pork,rabbit or even clams. Growing up all my relatives would get together to make rappie pie (it is a lot of work)and I think it's my favorite food ever. I have never heard of anyplace in New England that has it. If I did I would live next door.I have had it several times in restaurants in Nova Scotia.

      1. I have heard this term used as a substitute for Shepherd's Pie (layered ground beef, corn and mashed potatoes).

        1. I don't know of any in New England.... But my guess is you'ld find it in northern Maine out near NB border seeings it is an Acadian dish. Too bad you can't find it around here cause it is a good one, I like mine with Molases! The following is a good recipe for it... I have always made it by sight as I learned from my great aunt in NS.

          @ mollydingle... I have never seen a rappie pie made with a pastry crust or sliced potatoes, but there is something close to that in Quebec...tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean... or just plain tourtière.

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            You're making me hungry pavlov dog. I might have to haul out the juicer and make myself a little rappe pie(a good juicer takes the place of grating and wringing out in cheesecloth). Molasses? I'll take butter.

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              That's a great idea @ 66corvair... if only I owned a juicer! Heck, I thought I was hi-tech using a grater attachment on my food processor. I got the molasses habit from my grandfather.... that and vinegar on lots of things that freak people out.

          2. I know you asked this a long time ago, but I will reply anyway. My late mother was Acadian (Nova Scotia, Canada) and I grew up in New England. Rappie pie or rapure pie is an Acadian dish that dates back to the mid-1700s. I know of no restaurants in New England that serve this dish, but I ate it often as a child. It is a labor-intensive dish and requires the better part of a day to prepare, thus it was considered a real treat when it was served, although the kids often had to help in the preparation. You can get it in some restaurants in Nova Scotia. You can also prepare it yourself if you are up for it. There is a recipe on the Food Network Web site:
            As far as I can tell from memory, this is the most authentic recipe I have found.

            One other thing: What is someone named after a Hawaiian volcano (on the Big Island, no less) doing looking for an Acadian dish in New England? (I lived on the Big Island as a child and watched eruptions from this volcano.)

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     located in methuen has tons of varieties of meatpies (albeit an English version)....Cote's Market (no www) in Lowell has meat pies...a more Canadian version.