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Apr 18, 2002 03:01 AM


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No not the team or the wings. But actual buffalo meat. Where is a good place from downtown to the West Side for a good buffalo burger? Or do I have to wait for Ted Turner's restaurant to expand to LA?

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  1. Actually, I have a related question. Where can you get fresh (or, okay, frozen but hopefully not frozen for years on end) buffalo meat. Several years ago I got hold of a buffalo roast and slow-cooked it with red wine and veggies in my Le Creuset oven and it was fab. I'd definitely need a butcher that's trustworthy enough not to pass off beef or something as buffalo.

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      Well I'm not sure this is what either of you were looking for but Trader Joe's sells frozen buffalo burgers. They are yummy.
      Other than that I would enquire at Bristol Farms. If they don't carry it perhaps they have a lead.
      Lastly Josie Restaurant (310-581-9888)is well known for delicious game & has offered buffalo tenderloin as a special.

      1. re: Stan

        I can only help you on the frozen tip: the Whole Foods at Fairfax/Santa Monica has buffalo in a couple frozen varieties. The butchers there are very nice and might be able to help you out further.

      2. I wonder if the Buffalo Club on Olympic in Santa Monica has it?

        1. The Buffalo Inn on Foothill in Upland (old Rt. 66) is one place I can think of for Buffalo.