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Mar 17, 2008 07:20 AM

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Does anyone know of a good place to go for Corned Beef and Cabbage tonight?

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  1. Blarney Stones can be decent. Does Katz's do a corned beef and cabbage on St. Paddy's?

    1. id go to any decent irish bar in your area..... its hard to reeeaaalllly mess up corned beef and cabbage :)

      1. Neary's, who are old friends won best corned beef in NYC two years in a row. So, I am going with Neary's.

        1. we had some sunday before st. patty's day at ANNIE MOORE'S by grand central. it was very tasty & hit the spot.

          i feel like making it at home it was so good. anybody have a recipe they like?

          i miss the days when the old owner at CONNERS in brooklyn served it for free.

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            Don't have a recipe but I usually do beer, water, pickling spices and garlic.