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Mar 17, 2008 06:58 AM

A Week in Virgin Gorda

We're staying in a small house for a week on Virgin Gorda. It has a kitchen and we're planning on cooking--especially given the cost of dining out. Does anyone have specific advice with regard to shopping for food as well as the type of items we might want to bring with us?

Is it worth shopping in Tortola? Can you buy fresh fish on VG? Cheap eats on VG? Bucks Food Market?

Also, we have one night on St. Thomas. We're staying at the Holiday Inn on Veterans Drive--are there any good chowhoundy (i.e. not too expensive and tasty) places nearby. We've read about a place called "Red Snapper."

Thanks--I'll post a message when we get home.

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  1. There was no fresh fish that I saw on VG. You can eat inexpensively at Bath and Turtle, get chicken and rib take out at several places, Mine Shaft and Top of the Baths are resonable. Take a ferry to the Fat Virgin on Biras Creek. If there are only 2 of you, I would bring some condiments instead of buying large containers there. If you are a large group then that is different. Bucks had an assortment of food items but not everything was available every day. I never saw regular hamburger rolls. THe next time we go we will probably bring some ground beef, hot dogs and sausage. Alot depends on the group size.

    1. Yes, it is worth shopping on Tortola. Got to Bobby's Marketplace in Road Town. They will pick you up and drive you afterwards to your ferry. That was the only place we got good meat and chicken. Pretty good produce. And good variety of most everything else. We spent 7 days on a boat and spent $700 at Bobby's. We were also disappointed at the lack of fresh fish. We moored at Bitter End YC and all the guides said you could catch a fisherman coming in and buy straight off the boat. Not true. Dont count on that. We also went to the Fat Virgin. Great fun right on the water. Good conch fritters (though I generally think this is an overrated dish) and great roti. Definitely need resers for dinner as they seat perhaps 25. Though we didnt go, I hear great things about Leverick Bay and their beach BBQ's. Have fun!

      1. if you are unable to find the groceries you are looking for, you can try Thelma's Hideout on VG. it was low/moderate in price for the VI's. I recall whole fried fish (trigger, I think), baked chicken, root veggies. very simple but terrific.

        1. We went to VG last year and said that the next time we would bring more items from home. I would pack a freezer box- must then fit in a suitcase of some sort- with some meats and also anything that you want a small quantity of...condiments for example I thought were way too expensive for the small amount I was going to use. Next time I will bring them from home in smaller sizes.

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            I always bring things like condiments, seasonings, and things like zip lock storage bags, straws etc from home when I travel to expensive places. I would get local hot sauce on the island, and booze in duty free St Thomas. You might run into trouble bring meat though. Bringing fresh items on to Islands (or overseas) is strict b/c they want to keep disease/pest free.

          2. We've stayed on Tortola several times, but only day trips to VG.

            We've found this site helpful: