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Mar 17, 2008 06:29 AM

The beat goes Trattoria Toscana

After a long drought, we finally made it back to Trattoria Toscana. I'm happy to say the quality and service hasn't missed a beat since our last visit. Zamir is still doing a stellar job running the tiny kitchen and our servers were equally good.

We started with a wonderful creamy chick pea soup and a combination crostini plate which included their flavorful chicken liver pate, spinach and sausage and mushroom toppings.

Grabbed a nice bottle of Barbera d'Alba for $35 (wine prices have definitely gone up since last year).

Entrees consisted of Rigatoni Norcina and eggplant parm.

Dessert was tiramisu and really good cappucino.

We got there early (around 5:20) to beat the Saturday crowd. By the time we left...around 7:10, there was already a line for a table.

In all the nonsense with some restaurants in/around Boston, it's comforting to know that TT continues to produce wonderful Tuscan cuisine with no stress and attitude.

If only we lived closer to Jersey St, we'd be eating there 3-4 times a week.

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  1. I absolutely agree. I think I had some kind of religious experience while eating their gnocchi last time I was there. The only problem is, as you say, you have to be prepared to eat dinner at 5:50 to get parking and a table.

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      During the weekdays, I've had very little problem with parking or getting a table there, though I do agree the weekends tend to find them packed to the gills. Sal - thanks for the great report. I love this place.

    2. I've walked by this place quite a few times, with only enough money in my pocket for a trip to El Pelon, wondering how good it was. Now I know that I need to save up for a trip here.

      1. I am a Chicago hound in town for the week and wanted to second the compliments in this discussion since I just had a wonderful dinner at Trattoria Toscana tonight after an visit to the MFA, thanks to all of the helpful posts I've read on the Boston board.

        A friend and I just couldn't decide what to order, so we split 3 dishes: their chick pea, potato, and leek soup, the ravioli, and the gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce. All 3 were divine. I would probably not get the ravioli as an entree next time since it only came with 5 pieces, but it was very good. The soup was mild and extremely tasty - I wished I had gotten my own! And the gnocchi - well I scraped the plate clean with my fork long after the bread had run out. It didn't ever get too rich to go on, which has been my experience with similar dishes elsewhere.

        Being a Wednesday, we walked in about 7:30 and got a table for two with no wait. The were no pretensions - just good food in a quiet and cozy environment. If I had a few more days in town I'd go back!