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Mar 17, 2008 06:21 AM

Wedding dinner for 60 at a Baltimore restaurant

I am searching for a restaurant in Baltimore that has a private room for 60-65 people for a wedding reception/dinner. I wanted to spend around 55.00/person. Looked at the Brass Elephant but wanted a few more suggestions.

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  1. If you are willing to travel north a few miles, Liberatore's in Timonium/Cockeysville has a lovely private room and they are very experienced with private parties. I think their food is above average and have a great wine selection, too.

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      I can't agree that their food is above average. It's basic American Italian, and there are plenty of places that do it better and cheaper. They might be a good choice for a reception, but not for interesting food.

    2. Not sure when you are looking at, and I don't remember if their prices include alcohol or not - but I looked at the Rusty Scupper's upstairs & wrap around deck for my rehearsal dinner - I think it's a great view!! Not saying that their food is awesome, but my friends had their wedding there & loved it! HTH!

      1. Brasserie Tatin has a private room for up to 95 people

        1. I'm not sure exactly what kind of food you're thinking but off the top of my head, i do know the following have private rooms and have done weddings/rehearsals they are seasoned party professionals, not sure if you're budget includes alcohol or not I am sure these places can work with you though if 55 is the upper limit including drinks and tip etc..
          Chiapperelli's in Little Italy
          Woodberry Kitchen

          1. It may be more expensive but Linwoods has a private space in Owings Mills and does a beautiful job.

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              McCormick & Schmicks has a few private dining rooms and a view that beats the Rusty Skuppers. I've both dined there and been to parties and personally prefer the service and food at the banquets. Not sure of price as I was only a guest but I bet they could fit your budget. They also do crab feasts if the timing is right and you want casual (I was at a crab feast rehearsal dinner and it was amazing).