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Mar 17, 2008 05:40 AM

ISO - Toronto's best Crab Cakes

Who makes your favourite crab cake?

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    1. Don't want to be a killjoy, but I have never had a good crabcake in TO, as in a good Maryland style crabcake with fresh lump crabmeat etc. Every crabake I've had here has been made with pasteurized crabmeat. Even if using a good brand (e.g. Phillips), its just not the same. But I'm happy to admit I'm being petulant about it :)

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      1. re: bluedog

        +1 after living in maryland nothing in toronto can compare and few even try.

        1. re: Ender

          Amen Ender. There is no crabcake like a true maryland crabcake. I spent a week in baltimore once, and they were a revelation, one of those OMG, I can;t believe this is real, experiences. I've given up in Toronto.

        2. re: bluedog

          Yeah, for the most part they're pretty sad here. I had a very expensive one that was pretty good at Messis on Harbord once but it wasn't part of the main menu.

        3. I actually think the best I've had have been from Whole Foods!

          1. insomnia (bathurst/bloor) has the best panko-crusted, vaguely cumin spiced crab cakes i've had in the city. oh yum.

            1. I highly recommend the crabcakes at the Boulevard Cafe on Harbord - it's not fine dining so don't expect stellar service but the food is yum.