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Mar 17, 2008 05:33 AM

Driving from Jersey to DC

We will be driving down to DC - on our anniversary - and would like to find a decent place for dinner along the way. I think we'll be on 95 so something close to an exit would be great.

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  1. The Columbus Inn in Wilmington is a neat old place. You'd have to Google map for directions, but you just have to get off 95 for a few minutes to get there.

    There's also another charming restaurant, a little less expensive, that's a bit further down the road that the Columbus Inn is on, but I can't remember it. Perhaps someone else can help - it's a red building with a bar in the front and the dining room in the back.

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      The dining room in the Hotel Dupont in Wilmington is one of the most regal I've ever seen. A beautiful place for an anniversary, and only minutes off I-95.

    2. Depending on what time you leave NJ, I would suggest stopping somewhere in Baltimore. Check this board for the type of food you're interested in. Their Little Italy is great though!

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        In Baltimore's Locust Point neighborhood, right off I-95 south as you come out of the Ft McHenry Tunnel, are Pazza Luna and Luca's Cafe. The latter is a bit more casual. I recommend them both highly!

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          Thanks for the ideas, I'll check them all out. We're flexible on what time we leave.