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Apr 17, 2002 11:37 PM

Good Taco Stand article

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  1. I dunno, I thought that article was lacking in description and menu recommendations, which are pretty much the point of restaurant reviews. The only one of the places I'm familiar with, The Talpa, is disappointing, in my opinion. My parents and I were regular customers from my birth until the time I was 13 or so, but we stopped going because the quality was slipping, and the management didn't seem to care about it. Since then, I've been back a few times, and have been confirmed in my diagnosis. It's pretty average now. They don't even have Ms. Pac Man or Galaga like they did when I was a kid.

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    1. re: David Boyk

      No Galaga?!? Fahgeddaboudit!

      Hey, I wasn't providing the link as a piece of engrossing writing, or as a savvy can't-fail tip sheet. It just seemed like it might have some fresh and little-known ideas. If you were to give me a list of local taco stands where I recognized only one (even if it wasn't a fave....and, btw, the one *I* recognize, Yuca's, is much loved by some LA hounds), I'd consider it rare and intriguing raw fodder. That's what chowhounds live for....intriguing raw fodder.

      Foodies need quality writing from acknowledged experts. Chowhounds get excited when they find the name of a taco stand on the back of a random brown paper bag they find in their gym locker. Not that it's sure to be good, but just as a new lead to pursue as part of The Quest.

      Eight of 'em might be ho-hum. One might be great, and change your life.


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Yeah, Yucca seems to have a reputation, never been there myself, I think I have also heard of the one at the carwash. If as it seems from the headline the list is from 1998, I wonder how many are still there?

        And you are right, a true hound, when he or she comes across a reference to any place will raise his hackles, flare his nostrils, point his ears straight up, and go sniff it out, its just a natural instinct. So even a list of names, with little more to go by than the fact that food is served, is of great value to a true 'hound.

        1. re: Chino Wayne

          I can at least tell you about 3. All three are still in business and at the same locations.

          Taco's Delta: Killer sopes. These were the first ones I ate back in 85'. I like the carne asada and pollo. It's the only thing I order here.

          Yuca's: Cannot say what hasn't been said before. Some of the best carne asada. They are more pricey than others and if you are hungry, it will cost you. 2 burritos are easy to polish off.

          Orange BJ: 1 of 2 listed in a car wash. Has gone down hill considerably in the last several years. Haven't been in over 4 years. I much prefer the place in the car wash on the corner of Sunset and Alvarado.

          My regular Taco/Burrito place is the one in my hood: Tacos Villa Corona-Atwater Village on Glendale. My favorite breakfast burrito. G

        2. re: Jim Leff

          Oh, to be sure. It was just that you cast it as a "good article," rather than a list of places to try. Next time I'm home, I definitely mean to try those places.

          1. re: David Boyk

            You're absolutely right. I was doing a zillion things and just wanted to shoot the link quickly up to the board before I forgot.

            I LOVE lists like that, personally. Even if most of the tips are lousy. I spend so much of my life blithely winnowing through lousy choices that it's like the air I breathe. I don't even notice the chaff. It's all about the potential for finding greatness, even from serendipitous sources. Sounds like you know what I mean, so I'll stop now....


      2. g
        Guilt by Association

        How could ANY listing of great L.A. taco stands not include Tito's Taco's on Washington in Culver City? The author's credibility is greatly undermined by the omission!

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        1. re: Guilt by Association
          Barbara Nevens

          Dear "Guilt", You beat me to it! When my husband and I were first married (1961) and lived in Palms, Tito's was our favorite. (Well, that, and Johnnie's Pastrami around the corner.) Our daughter lives at the Marina now so Tito's in on our way to her. Haven't been there in eons but there are always lines out in front. I'm always tempted to stop and pick some things up but then I think about the fat grams...

          1. re: Barbara Nevens

            Johnnie's was one of my hangouts when I lived in Palms around 1980 - 1987. Always saw Titos over there, but Johnnie's had the stronger pull.

          2. re: Guilt by Association

            Guilt, prepare for the reaction. We've been there before on this site. Frankly, despite all the talk about the lack of authenticity of Tito's, the couple of folks who believe they got sick after eating there, etc., I'm with you. I like the tacos with cheese and either the red or green salsa dripping off them. And I like those garbage pails of chips, too. Maybe the crowded parking lot and the long lines just appeal to some lemming like instinct I have. Definitely a place where (see not about food discussion in progress) jeans are appropriate if not required.

            1. re: Guilt by Association

              I'm even more cynical than you. I view just about ANY tips -- except those from people I really really trust -- as completely dubious. In fact, if writers get stuff right, it'd probably be by accident.

              So I'm not vetting the writer...I'm just looking at a bunch of fairly obscure (I THINK....of course, I'm no LA expert) taco stands, and that makes me salivate and say:"Mmmmm....FODDER!"

              We had the same exact discussion on another board a few weeks ago. See link below.



              1. re: Guilt by Association

                Yeah, Tito's rocks. It's the epitome of that particular style of gringo tacos, which is the only kind of gringo tacos I like. I can't stand the other kind, with lettuce and crap. But Tito's greasy, completely inauthentic tacos are one of my favorite things in LA. I have very fond memories of going to Tito's with the rest of my high school a cappella group, the Testostertones, after a weekend morning of rehearsing. That highly-optimized cholesterol delivery system really hits the spot.