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best bakery for pickup pastries?

I am looking for a great bakery in the general Newton -Brookline - Cambridge - Watertown area for pick up pastries. I want to order 20 dozen for a party. No cakes, pies or tortes - just individual items. Thanks in advance for the help .

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  1. I know it's not in the areas that you requested, but I've always gotten mini pastry platters at Konditor Meister in Braintree. It's about 1/4 mile from the highway exit on Wood Rd so it's very easy to get to. It's the same exit where the South Shore Plaza is. Their platters and cakes always have that wow factor in both appearance and taste. The best!http://www.konditormeister.com/

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      I am not a fan of Konditormeister... everything has waxy, not very tasty butter cream.

      I would go for Athan's, or Tabrizi Bakery (watertown) or Yi Soon.

    2. Do cannoli and pasticciotti count as pick-up items? If so, maybe Antoine's Pastry in Newton (Nonantum) would fit the bill. Not everything in there is great, but their cannoli and pasticciotti are good. Sometimes they have different fillings (Custard vs ricotta, with/without candied fruit etc) so check before you buy, or even call in advance.

      1. It has been a while, but the New Paris bakery in Brookline at least used to have mini-eclairs and other small pastries. I remember them as being tasty and probably not crazy-expensive.

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          I also have had fond memories of New Paris, going back to about 1974. I picked up a dozen of their famous mini eclairs just about a year ago, and was horrified at how bad they were. It was really disappointing.

          I'll second the recommendation of Antoine's in Newton.

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            Oh yes I also had fond memories of New Paris (but had ...forgotten them until your post) going back only to the 1990s. That's sad to hear that your latest experience was bad there; I used to LOVE their vanilla mini-eclairs.

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              I really like New Paris bakery because they are bite size and they always seem very fresh as though they were just filled. They also have really good chocolates. especially the chocolate covered ginger.

          2. Cafe Cakes in Watertown has decent stuff for little fancy things, about $3.95 each.

            1. Bakers Best, in Newton Highlands, has good pastries. Pieces Pastry in Natick (508-651-0500) always was amazing; I know they closed their retail operation, but last I heard they still were doing special orders.

              1. Athan's in Washington Square is pretty great from my experience!

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                  I am a fan of most things at Athans (esp. the Baklava and Jamaica cake), however as a warning I am not really a big fan of their cookies overall so if cookies are included in your idea of "pastries" I would certainly taste a few before ordering 20 dozen.

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                    I agree, not everything at Athan's is fabulicious.

                    Heck, hit Modern Pastry in the North End. That is a sure thing!

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                      not in my view. modern and mike's are both highly overrated.

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                        Mike's yes. If you think that about Modern, either they have gone WAY down hill in the last year, or you are ordering the wrong thing.

                        Modern rocks if you get the good stuff.!

                2. If you're willing to stray a tad from traditional pastries, I would highly recommend the baklava from Sevan bakery in Watertown. These have become the favorite item for whenever my lab has something to celebrate. I hear their cookies are great too.

                  Another idea would be to get an assortment of Persian pastries from Tabrizi Bakery in Watertown Square on Mt Auburn. The Persian ice cream is great too (made with rose water and pistachio).

                  Tabrizi Bakery
                  56 Mt Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

                  Sevan Bakery
                  599 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

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                    I like these places too. If you want more traditional mini-tarts, eclairs, etc., I really like Lilly's French Bakery in Watertown.

                  2. Brian's in Braintree is great. You can get most of their deserts at Roche Bros.