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Good Hamentaschen?

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Any suggestions for a pleace to buy good hamentaschen? I love on the UWS. Also, any place that offers them in chocolate flavor is a bonus, too!

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  1. There is a terrific little hole-in-the-wall bakery in the East Village that makes incredible hamentaschen. And the bonus is that they make them all year round. They are my dad's favorite and I discovered this place one day back in the summer and sent him a little surprise package in the mail.

    My apologies for not knowing the name, but it's on the east side of 2nd ave between St. Mark's and 5th street. I can't remember the exact block. But, it's worth checking out if you are in the east village. Their dough is terrific - flavorful and flaky.

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      Moishe's. It's between 6th and 7th. EV classic. Lot's of coverage here on it. I love the poppyseed. I don't think they do chocolate. Poppy, rasberry, and apricot I believe....Maybe chocolate...

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        I agree! Excellent! Not sure about chocolate, though. They also do a good mandelbread.

        Orwasher's has good hamentschen, too.

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            Yup! I'll fourth that.
            I just had one last week, and they're better then ever.

            (no chocolate though.)

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              I don't know, but if they do, even if their product starts out fresh, it would arrive stale.

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          9th Street Bakery--makes a cream cheese hamentaschen with different fillings--they are located off 1st Avenue at 9th Street--yum-yum-

        2. I like the ones at the cheesecake shop on 8th ave btw 31-2nd. Name escapes me at the moment. No chocolate though. Also for the Purim season Silver Moon Bakery at Bway and 105th has them.

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            The cheesecake shop it Di'Auitos and everytime I go in there it reminds me totally of the bakery I went to as a kid.

            1. Jerusalem Pizza and Bakery on Broadway btwn 37th and 38th. The best!

              1. Go to Cafe Angelique between Bway & Lafayette St- the sandwiches and salads are excellent. They gave us some hamentaschen at the end for free and they were delicious! (They had chocolate ones which were great and also poppy seed which I didnt try, but my friends loved!)

                1. i just had some from moishe's that were bad. the dough was completely different and the filling was different as well. i used to love these. i remember seeing the old man here as well but didn't see him this time. i am wondering if he is no longer there or if they have a new owner. because these were really not good. and i wanted to get some of the black and whites but the woman there told me they were hard as a rock. i used to love those as well and thought they were the best in the city. so sad.

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                    It's all about declining foot traffic and turn-over (not turnovers, turn-over). Fresh goods taste better than corporately-produced goods with a shelf life enhanced by preservatives.
                    That's the good news, and the bad news is that fresh goods without preservatives don't stay "fresh". Go to Juniors and the Black and White has no character but is edible after a day. A freshly produced Black and White at Moishe's is heavenly, but a few hours later it could be a hockey puck.

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                      i know fresh baked goods don't have preservatives. that's not the problem with how they are tasting. the hamentaschen were fresh but the dough was completely different from what it used to be and so was the filling. i am guessing maybe the old man who used to work there passed away or someone else bought the store. this seems to happen with the good old-fashioned bakeries and i'm sad to see it's happened with moishe's. the last time i was there was this summer and it wasn't good either. before that i was there in sept. 06 and it was delicious--and i used to go there all the time when i lived in the city prior to that. i also loved black and whites at moishe's...i thought they were the best in the city...and maybe they were stale but i don't remember moishe's selling stale cookies before....just venting my sadness of another delicious bakery dying out.....

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                        Greenberg's Bakeries around town always made great ones...haven't tried them lately,though.

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                          i'll definitely try them next time. thanks!!

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                            I have found Moishe's to be uneven, but it's worth not giving up on them. I have bought some great bakery items and some very stale bakery items... I (usually) love the hammentaschen, but it's the bialies that bring me back!

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                            Are they still in business? They always made a fabulous product, but I'll bet a dozen hamantaschen will cost an arm and a leg.

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                            I haven't posted about this anywhere yet, and wanted to talk to them about it first, but...I've been a regular customer at Moishe's ever since I moved to the East Village in 1996. In the last few months, I've had problems with staleness several times, and that's caused me to stay away for several weeks, whereas I used to stop by almost every workday to get a Danish, black & white, hamantash, small strudel, or almond horn. One of the women up front complained that the old man is mixing the old items with the fresh ones. I'm guessing it's a result of panic about economics, but it's a bad policy that is likely to kill off the bakery. I do plan on talking to them about this, because I used to recommend the place and can't recommend them until or unless they address the problem.

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                              on Grand St, about 4 blocks east of Clinton, on the north side of street ,, jewish bakery ,,sorry i dont know the name. I havent had Zabars in ages but i bet they are good,, they used to buy rugalach from a relative of mine,,they usually pick and choose good suppliers

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                                i think i will say something to them next time i am in the city. i am sure they would want to know. i hate to see their reputation get tarnished by selling stale goods but i really do not remember in all the years i went there--that i ever got anything stale until recently. and like i said, it was a superior product. now it is nothing to go out of my way for--and i do feel that way. in addition, i do want to mention that i did notice this change in the dough after the trans-fats ban, so i am wondering if they used shortening and have to use something else now. not sure if that has affected the texture/flavor. but then again, their jelly filling is totally different too and that would have nothing to do with trans fats--so i'm guessing it's just someone else doing the baking...

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                                  I've found that the people working there will tell you if something is stale... at least if it's rock-hard! so it never hurts to ask. I'd hate to see the place go out of business.

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                            Not sure about the old man you're speaking of, but there used to be an old lady who watched over the place, and she's been gone a while now. The Moishe's on Grand closed (I believe). The latest turn over for the 2nd Ave. location, I noticed happened around last year with an older Hasidic man running the shop, and a staff of mostly young Latin girls, as opposed to the Polish girls who were there previously. I had never seen anyone Hasidic in Moishe's. Orthodox sure, but not Hasidic.

                            The cookies tasted the same, but I do think they make bigger batches and leave them sit until they sell. I noticed they were heavier on vanilla

                            There's a woman who bakes pretty okay ones a couple doors down for Kosar's and Doughnut Plant, but I prefer Moishe's. Nobody else is making a decent Hamataschen downtown that I know of.

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                              I don't know the name of the old man, but he is not Moishe. Moishe is actually younger, and he does dress like a Chassid, with a black hat. Not all of the women in front are young, and their origins are diverse.