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Mar 17, 2008 04:38 AM

Chicago Pizzeria in Hamilton..question re: their deep dish menu

I've had the pleasure of enjoying the 'stuffed' deep dish at the Chicago pizza place on Upper Sherman..unlike any pizza experience in the GTA!
I was curious looking at their the stuffed pizza options, it lists roast beef which is considerable more expensive than the standard pizza items. Has anyone tried this? Is it still pizza-like with tomato sauce, etc? Or more like a big sandwich? What toppings go well with this?

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  1. It is still a pizza with tomato sauce, etc...I like onions and green peppers with it but usually when we order the deep dish at Chicago Style, we just go for the full heart attack and order the "No Self Respect" pizza...

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      My friends and I made a day of it by leaving early on a sunday and we hit Camp31 for their ribs first. Sadly, there were no sunday specials. After killing some time at Niagara Falls, we headed over to Chicago style. We also got a large "No Self Respect" and loved it. We ate about 1/2 the pizza since we were still recovering from earlier. Another friend that couldn't make it said that when he was in Chicago that his pizza there was more like a pizza pie with a crust so when he heard our description, he was confused. Our pizza was deep-dish but without a crust on top. I've never had it so I don't have any info to draw from.

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        There are two types of pizza in Chicago. One is deep dish and one is stuffed. The latter has the crust on top. It sounds like the place in Hamilton serves the deep dish style.

        Wikipedia has a good explanation:

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          Actually, both are available at Chicago Style Pizza.

          Edit: Odd, I thought I could upload pictures but it didn't seem to show up.

          Here are links to the menu:

    2. I've been wanting to try this place for about a year, it's just really out of the way. I always hear about how busy it is...when is a good time to go to avoid that? I don't wanna make the trek and not get a table!

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        The place opens at 4pm. The wait for a table is rarely more than 1/2 an hour. Fridays, Saturdays and big sporting event days are always busy.

      2. We haven't tried the roast beef. We usually order the one that has the Italian sausage, green peppers and I think onions. It's delicious.

        Piece of advice: if Mike from Hamilton recommends a menu item, anywhere, try it. This guy knows what he's talking about.

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        1. re: foodiemommy

          Yeah and my waistline shows it...

          Blush...aww thanks!

        2. Where'd you get stuffed CHI Pizza in the GTA? My dream is that Giordano's decided to open up in Toronto and I can eventually bathe in their deep dish pizza!

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            it's a gem of a place in hamilton, very small and family style. It's called Chicago Style at 534 Upper Sherman.
            here's a link to the menu...

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              I'd love to be able to get stuffed/deep dish pizza in Toronto too. But not Giordano's. They are the worst of the chains there...

            2. Also try the baked ravioli...AMAZING