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Hi everyone,

Ok so I finally narrowed it down to these two places for their omakase: Matsuhisa and Asanebo. I read many people's reviews and comments and have no clue on how to judge which is better.

What I was looking for was a blend of hot/ cold/ cooked/ raw dishes...and from much searching I came up with those two restaurants and now I can't decide.

Which is better in your opinion? Or are they about the same? Are there any other recommendations?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Asanebo. Just FABULOUS!

    1. Matsuhisa used to have the lock on great sushi in town but i dont find them to be the best any more (while they are still one of the most expensive). I would take Asanebo 100 times out of 100 over matsuhisa.

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        i went to matsuhisa at the beginning.
        i thought their omakase was awful.
        pieces of raw fish sitting in an ocean of olive oil with garlic chips on top is, imho, yuck.

        1. re: westsidegal

          thinking about it...
          if you can get omakase in the special tempura bar at matsuhisa (seats 6-8) it's worth it.

      2. Asanebo unless you're going for scene.

        Also consider Wa on la cienega near Holloway.

        1. Matsuhisa and Asanebo are both very good. I prefer Asanebo. Restaurant Nishimura also has excellent sushi. Better than either Asanebo or Matsuhisa in my opinion. But there are very few hot dishes. Go to Nishimura if you want only sushi and sashimi. It's about as pricey as Matsuhisa. If you really want to experience a great "tasting menu" go to Urasawa. It will set you back about $300.00 per person but is a culinary experience unlike any other that I've had.

          1. I think Matsuhisa's dishes are a little more bold in flavor. The technique and presentation at Asanebo is really good and the tastes, more delicate. Now if Urasawa is in the running...100% Urasawa. That place is just amazing!

            1. Asanebo has the edge. Besides the food, the attention to detail is amazing. I eat sushi with my hands and am left handed, after I had my first plate, the chef placed the following pieces diagonal left rather than right and the opposite for my wife who is right handed.
              I haven't been to the Omakase room at Matuhisa in about ten years, but it was great last time I went and I am not a Matsuhisa fan. Outside that room though, the quality of Matsuhisa suffers.