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Mar 17, 2008 02:26 AM

Reducing heavy cream problem...

Hi, I've been trying to make some sauces by adding whipped cream to stock and then reducing. The thing is, when reducing whipped cream, it gets a little grainy and not very pretty looking. Is that supposed to happen? Do people just strain it and serve after reducing it? Am I reducing at too high a heat?


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  1. Not sure but the higher the fat the less likely it will break and clump. I have used heavy cream to make pan sauces or to thicken stocks and have had no seperation while reducing.

    1. Try reducing the stock and then adding the cream.

      1. Are you whipping the cream before adding to the stock? The cream ought not to be whipped before pouring into the stock. Reduce on medium low heat for about 20 minutes.

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          Good point. Had I read the OP more closely I would have noticed "whipped cream" as opposed to whipping cream. Of course whipped cream does make a nice addition when folded into a prepared thick soup or bisque.

        2. Gio hit the first point I thought of, if you're whipping the cream first, don't. Second, if you're using "whipping cream" it may not be just cream (ie, it may have some stabilizers) which would change things; you want to use "heavy cream" or at the very least "whipping cream" that doesn't have any ingredients aside from cream.