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Mar 17, 2008 12:12 AM

Japanese moffles (mochi waffles!)

I came across this AWESOME sounding waffle concept: MOFFLES! Mochi made into waffles!

It sounds like this is something that you can easily make with a waffle machine.... has anyone tried this? I don't have a waffle machine, but I'm so intrigued with the idea of moffles, I'm totally tempted to purchase a moffle maker.

I'm dying to know what moffles are like. Can anyone give me any insight on this?
I often toast mochi (until it totally puffs up and gets super crispy on the outside) in my toaster oven, which I then dip in shoyu and wrap up with nori. Does a moffle have the same consistency as a toasted mochi from the toaster oven?

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  1. Whoa. This does sound good. .. Also, I've never toasted my mochi. Usually all I get are the mochi balls with azuki bean at Ranch 99 or some such. Please, what kind of mochi do you use for toasting and where do you get it?

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      I'm not sure where you're located.... but generally, you can find the dried mochi (that comes in little round or rectangle sizes) at Japanese markets. However, I've noticed that you can typically find them only during the New Year season at the stores. Good luck!

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        This looks like fun to eat and experiment with! I can buy komochi year round here in California at Marukai. It looks like the mochi they use is the brick type which can either be frozen or fresh and is hard as rock, but can be easily used in takoyaki or soups. 99 Ranch, Freshia, Mitsuwa, any of the larger Asian markets carries it. jbeaux the mochi you are eating is what I call manju, which is a little bit different and not to be roasted. The moffle looks like it has the same characters but I don't think it is as gooey as roasted mochi. The large "waffle" pattern looks like it smashes the mochi into a flatter waffle and makes for a rice cracker with a little bit of softness to it. That's what it looks like to me anyways. I want to try this though! I love mochi!