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Mar 16, 2008 11:29 PM

dinner near Haneda airport

I will be stuck at the Haneda airport this weekend for awhile and I'm looking for a place to go solo for dinner. I'm more than happy to travel a little ways as long as it isn't too confusing.

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  1. The neighborhoods in the vacinity of Haneda are not really easy to navigate, but anyway, are hardly on the culinary map. Depending on your time window, you can express train it back to Hamamatsucho or Shinagawa. But the most dynamic town close to Haneda, on a direct train line, is probably Kamata (though you can take buses to many other places). Sorry to say, Kamata is not an easy neighborhood to navigate either, though it is well-known for ethnic eateries and a pretty good red lantern izakaya scene. There are a bunch of chain izakaya and ramen shops near the Keikyu Kamata train station (which is like a secondary station in that town). Keep in mind also that you have to pay a premium ticket price in and out of the airport. From Kamata it's only a 10-15 minute ride, but cost more than 2000 YEN. If you've got a few hours, it's a decent place for adventurous eaters/drinkers to mill around.

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      Any thoughts on safety in these areas? I'll be alone there after dark and I don't speak much Japanese. I've always heard that Japan is incredibly safe for travellers - I just wanted to check and make sure! Thanks.

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        You'll be fine. It's a very safe place.

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          Shinagawa and Hammatsucho are both rather bustling areas. The former in particular being a heavy tourist area. The location of the Keikyu Kamata station could use a renovation, but it's not unsafe and is part of a commercial district. There's a lot of shopping and dining around there. What do you want to eat? I can find a specific place in Kamata for you. I have a soft spot for the area because my local ward office was located there (I usually ate lunch there though so I have no dinner recs off the top of my head).

          ...If you choose to go to Kamata that is...

      2. Mai S, who is sitting next to me and grew up in Haneda, says go to Kamata, which is well-known for Japanese-style Chinese food, in particular gyoza. Take the Keikyu line to Kamata and there's a bunch of places by the station. But if you only have a few hours, the airport is recently renovated and reportedly has lots of good restaurants. "It's actually kind of a cool place to hang out," she says.

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          So... it never worked out for me to get out of the airport... but thanks for the recs!