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Apr 17, 2002 08:18 PM

Port Royal in Santa Monica

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I was going down 14th this afternoon and noticed a sign on Broadway,"Port Royal" - Caribbean food. Anyone tried this?

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  1. Changed name (and maybe ownership). Its a small hole-in-the-wall place that serves Jamacan food. Their tables are more like Park Benches that you can sit on. I had the Jerk Chicken when I went there, and it was quite spicy, but nothing spectacular. It was an upgrade to my usual fast food eatings around Santa Monica

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      sorry, forgot to add this was based on the other restaurant I went to 3-4 months ago in the same location. haven't been to the new one.

    2. I went to the old one, "Cafe Royal." Based on the similarity of name and the fact that it's the same kind of food, I'm guessing there's been some continuity between the two places. My experience at Cafe Royal was pleasant. The one guy who was manning the place was friendly but very slow, and the food was pretty good. I had escoveitch, which is a dish with fish and vegetables. Not exactly my thing, but it was pretty well-prepared. The atmosphere was very nice, too; jumbled, sunny architecture, although it was empty when I went for lunch on a weekday in the summertime.