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Apr 17, 2002 07:36 PM

Good places on Catalina Island?

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It's been difficult to get good advice on restaurants on Catalina Island. Anyone know anyplace special they can recommend? Your comments will be greatly appreciated. -- Michael

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  1. There are 3--count em 3--bits about Catalina in this lengthy thread. I'm afraid the characterization "culinary wasteland" is apt. But it is a beautiful island. Swim, snorkle, scrounge for chow.


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      We had some barely decent Italian at the place that's sort of at the beginning of the tourist traps, I mean shops....

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        Your more than kind! There is a little problem in the Middle East , are you available?

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        If you are an earlybird person (I got up a little before the sun did and went for a walk), then walk to the end of the main street of Catalina (toward the campgrounds) to a little coffee stand (kind of in a litle shopping center in the middle of the street). They open real early and have doughnuts (not Kripy Kremes, though) and bagels and biscotti and early morning set-up smiles. I got a cappucino and added some cinnamon. It was just half sipped when I sat back down next to sleepyhead, then we both walked there.

        A good bet for a small breakfast, too, is the little grocery store (about a half block into the island from the main street) for fresh fruit and cheese.

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        wow i'm a dog

        Stay at the Inn On Mt. Ada (former home of the Wrigley's) if you can. The room rate includes breakfast and lunch. Their food is actually really good and made to order (my personal fave). If you can afford it, the Grand Suite is quite nice. It's like staying in a friend's home. Check out the link below.

        Also, from my post at
        There is a late-night taco stand (I don't know what the name is) in Catalina that is just awesome. I think it's open until 1:00 am or so. Not to be missed.

        BTW, I have no affiliation with the Inn.


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          The Inn at Mt. Ada is really the very best on Catalina. They also have a cheapie room, 250.00 or so a night, includes lunch and dinner, breakfast the next morning, wine and beer, and a golf cart to go exploring the town. Who needs the room when you have the whole mansion, decks and gardens to wander? The rooms are all very nice, prices steep, but it's definitely worth every penny. The food was all special, "California cuisine", lightly sauced, fresh veggies and salads. They used to take in diners from town when not fully booked, and have special gustatory meals with special chefs.

        2. The Ristorante Villa Portofino inside the hotel the Villa Portofino (sign has a big VP on it). It's on a corner lot about half way down the island's main street. It's the best place on the island (if you like Italian Food).

          1. Loris good stuff for sandwiches...the country club has a nice patio for lunch and jazz in the evenings.