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Mar 16, 2008 08:32 PM

anything good in the newburgh area?

i have a friend of mine coming in from detroit on business and he will be staying in newburgh near stewart airport. Anything good along the lines of diners drive ins and dives within 1/2 hour of there?

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  1. There is one real nice resturant down by the water called Torches. It has a large fish tank in the middle. The food it really good. For two people with a cocktail will probably run about $100. This is the only one I know of over there.

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      i'd say a dinner for 2 for $100 is the complete opposite of what the OP is looking for: diners, drive-ins and/or dives...i'm sure there has to be a good diner over there; isnt there one right off 84 in newburgh? i could've sworn ive seen it right off the highway...if not, a place i always love is the raccoon saloon, up the road a ways off 9W in marlboro, which is in a historic building and they have great burgers and fancy dinners as well. just a really cool spot w/ a nice atmosphere to take out-of-towners

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        I've been to Torches. The food is not that good. Maybe passable. Though the location is lovely. It's the kind of place I'd recommend to have a drink and enjoy the view; but not to eat there.

      2. I think there is a decent diner called Johnny D's, but I have not been there in years... it is in Newburgh, so it would be convenient.