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Mar 16, 2008 08:31 PM

First time for Persian on Westwood Blvd.

Where to go for dinner-two couples, and what should we order? Seems like Shamshiri and Javan have the most recommendations. Help us out!

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  1. Shamshiri is wonderful. The lamb fesenjan is particularly great if you like tart/filling dishes. Make sure to get the rose ice cream dessert. Not everybody likes the appetizer I do but I love the panir al sabzi, which is basically fresh herbs and onions, radishes, walnuts, great feta that you wrap up in hot pita bread and eat like a little salad sandwich. Be sure to sprinkle the sumac (red powder) on. Can be filling.

    I also love this place for Sunday early lunch, yummy hot fresh pita bread etc.

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      Fesenjan . . . and lamb! What a bizarre combination!

    2. Shamshiri is my favorite for Persian. Portions there are large -- I hope your group likes to order various dishes and share. I like the shirazi salad to start, cucumber, parsley, onion, tomato, lemon juice -- crispy and refreshing. I'd say get one order of kabobs, beef or lamb. Then a shawarma, sliced meat from the spit -- in my experience the chicken is moister than the beef. Then maybe a beef koobideh, seasoned ground beef shaped on a skewer and grilled. Finally a stew of some sort, maybe something with eggplant. The grilled dishes all come with huge mounds of rice, grilled veggies, and freshly grilled flatbread. If you order four entrees for four people you certainly will be taking some food home. All of this, with a soft drink and tax and tip, and you are probably not much over $20 per person, if that. Please report back.

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        at shamshiri, you can for a nominal additional charge, substitute any of their specialty rices for the basmatic rice.
        personally, i love the adas polo 9rice with lentils, currants, dates, etc) and they will make it for me using brown rice if i request it so.

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          To be fair, most Persian restaurants allow that, although I haven't seen the brown rice option anywhere. I've never looked I suppose bit I'd bet Shamshiri is one of the few to offer that.

      2. Another vote for shamshiri - we have actually catered a party from there. You can get an appetizer-size portion of several different stews with crispy rice - ask about it. It's a great way to sample the many and varied stews which are exotic and delicious. A skewer of lamb chops and Bob's-your-uncle!

        1. My vote goes to:
          1. Flame
          2 (tie). Shaherzad
          2 (tie). Shamshiri
          3 (tie). Javan - OK it's actually on Santa Monica Blvd, but is close-by
          3 (tie). Baran
          4. Canary
          5. Darya - Also on SM Blvd., just west of Bundy

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          1. re: J.L.

            We ate at Flame last week and it was not good at all. The tah dig with ghymeh was the worst ever. The tah dig was too thick and the ghymeh was runny and tasteless. The koobideh was OK and barg was pretty bad. Even their eggplant appetizer was greasy. The only good thing about Flame was their bread. What a waste of money. I prefer Shaherzad's food any day, although I have not been there for a while.

          2. If you want an authentic experience at a resturant at a true Persian place that doesn't cater to Americans (read: serves Hummus :barf:), I would skip Shamshiri and head to Shaherzad ASAP